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Scanning with Malwarebytes "offline"!


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Whats the best way to scan with Malwarebytes offline - I mean to scan your os (c:\) partition from a usb stick or from a boot cd like Hirens o Falcon4?

Both Hirens and Falcon4 have Malwarebytes in their toolboxes but its not that easy to get them to work properly, and scan "c:\" for example.

I´ve also tried a portable version found at


which works online but offline from a usb its harder.

I think offline-scanning of an infected and maybe not bootable os is very important.

Do you have any plans for the future when it comes to offline scanning, and what about an official portable version - I know you´ve heard that question before?


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Hello and :welcome: Dwnld99

Malwarebytes is designed to work on a computer in normal mode, while the infection is active so that it can do its best work to detect and remove any infections. Scanning a computer in an offline state can do more damage than good and can potentially cause the OS to become unbootable.

Malwarebytes at this time does not have any official portable versions. As for the versions you have found in Hirens or Falcon4 are not official and are most likely against the EULA (paragraph 2) and should not be used. This includes the portable version you posted about.

As for plans on any portable versions, not sure when if any will be developed at this time.

As for scanning for rootkits, Malwarebytes now has a new tool in beta called Malwarebytes AntiRootkit or MBAR and you can read about it HERE

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