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Pro Customer - initial thoughts/suggestions


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The company I work for recently purchased a large amount of Pro version licenses. We installed the central console and setup the installation. Here are the initial thoughts:

1. The console is single threaded so the four of us that will be rolling out the client can only see what one person is currently doing and must wait before we can move forward with different deployments. This is a concern due to the inability for multiple people to perform functions at one time.

2. Due to the number of clients we are needing to push MBAM out too the console rolls out one at a time top to bottom. In order to not tie up the console for hours at a time we are pushing just one or two at a time in case we need to use the console in support of any remote issues. Is there a future release that allows the push to happen to multiple clients at one time and releases the console for other functions while that is happening?

3. If the server goes down there is not a way to "wake up" the clients to continue to report in. There is a setting to determine when the clients report in on a schedule but having them report in every 5 minutes or 10 minutes causes too much traffic on our LAN/WAN so management has decided that 480 minutes is the minimum. Is there a future version where i can click on a client and force it to check in immediately from the console?

4. While performing a quick scan or a scheduled scan on a client the "system logs" through the console will show that they are running. But if we send a command to the client to perform a full scan or flash scan the system log shows nothing. Will there be a fix for this or is it working as intended at this time?

5. I have read through the command line posts on this forum and did not appear to see the command line for installing the client through a third party app and still have it connect to the server. Is there a command line to make this happen? This will solve number 2 above for us for the time being.

Other than that the application works as advertised and our entire department pushed to have MBAM purchased and put on every machine as a backup to our current AV solution. Since the initial test group was rolled out it has performed above our expectations and is the great product we expected and have been seeing over the past few years.

I appriciate your time and any responses to these issues/requests. Thanks for your time.

If you would like to contact me directly with any comments or discussion please email me at <removed email>



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Hi, wvaux: :)

Thanks for your support of MBAM PRO, and for your many detailed, thoughtful comments and suggestions. :)

This forum is targeted primarily to home users.

So, even though it is closely monitored and moderated by several MBAM staffers, you might find it more efficient perhaps to contact the corporate support team directly?

They specialize in working with the unique needs of business customers, and they can address your concerns.

They can be reached here: Contact Business Support

In order to assist you better please provide the following information when contacting them:

Cleverbridge Order Reference Number:

Organization name:

Approved Contact name:

If you no longer have access to the order number, you can contact Cleverbridge to obtain information about your order:

Cleverbridge customer service


Phone: +1-866-522-6855

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (CST)

Once again, thanks VERY much for your helpful feedback and support!

Best regards,


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The reason I started posting here is because i sent an email about a support problem to the Pro "team" and its been over a month and I have not received anything back from them. Perhaps this similar type of customer relations forum may want to be released for Pro customers as well?

Just another thought. Thank you for your response.

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I'm just a home user and forum volunteer, so I'm not sure what might have happened to your email inquiry. :(

It's possible a reply might have ended up in the wrong folder of your email client.

(Please make sure you have malwarebytes.org and salesforce.com in your Safe Sender list in your email client.)

An MBAM staffer will see your post here soon enough.

However, the web-based contact form for which I provided the link is probably even better, so that you can receive personalized, one-on-one, detailed help from the corporate support specialists with all of your concerns. :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


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