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What a great forum for help

This is the first time I have come across this type of virus

I have a newly installed pc with windows 7 and a lot of content

Whilst researching I clicked on a site from Google search which seemed to have attached this Blast Worm or something

Instatnly none of my browsers or many other programs - control panel etc would launch

I kept getting the Security protection program that kep running and wanted me to upgrade.

I tried a few things but no solution.

I then came across this forum from a Google search and read the instruction

Downloaded the program - renamed it and ran the program

Renamed the exe file in the program files and ran it

Program kept saying there were updated 106 days

So I tried updating but program kept showing errors

Check for updates message

PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING_11004, 0, No address found.

As I was typing this from my Mac

I realised what the problem was

I was in safe mode and I could not connect to the internet from my network whilst in that mode so

I resrated in safe mode and did exactly as per the instructions.

Gosh !!! What a sigh of relief when I saw that your program had found the mischief and deleted them

Restarted and whooooo..hoooo

Alls working well


And yes I will most certainly be upgrading to the pro version.

Have a wonderfull Great fantastic day to you guys ( and gals) running this forum - saved me days and months or work

Hamant Keval

Ps My apologies - I posted here as I thought there was a problem with the Malware Bytes software that I downloaded but it was my error

so I decided to post a thank you anyway

Take care

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