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  1. Hey, huge fan over here, have been using mbam since version 1.2x ! I also like adwcleaner a lot and thought this acquisition made much sense, but what about you integrate AdwCleaner into MBAM so that they are one program?
  2. I''ll just keep it short... I have used MBAM thousands of times to clean my, or friends' PC's... I am really thankful that I have this piece of software in my toolkit..... It is truelly awesome. One thing though, I have to mention, is that MBAM should have a self-protection feature and I'll tell you what I mean. Recenlty,a friend of mine was infected with a pretty nasty infection, which I beleive is a rootkit... First thing that pops to mind when it comes to malware infection is using MBAM... The thing is, that this infection prevented any programms from running correctly (maybe a patching virus like Virut or something...) so mbam could'n even launch (mbam.exe was probably infected...). Of course there are other choices here, like running a bootable Antivirus CD like Dr Web CureIT but since I really like MBAM I thought it would be a good idea to mention it so that you guys take it under consideration Thumbs up for the MBAM team!!
  3. I was recently infected with a rootkit which mbam found and deleted... after the cleanup my windows security center was not functional since the file rundll32.exe (which should be located in the C:/Windows/system32 folder) was missing. What I usually do in such cases is copy the file i need from the other computer at home (which is running the same OS-XP SP3) and paste it on this one... it has been working for years now (I have done that for corrupted/deleted drivers). Anyway security center opened up just fine after the copy-paste of the rundll32.exe file in the folder mentioned before. But mbam keeps finding the infections shown in the screenshot below each time i copy-paste that file. The weird thing is that i keep pasting it in the system32 folder while mbam finds these 2 infections in the windows folder... WHICH ACTUALLY DONT EXIST as you can see in the screenshot!!! (i have enabled the option to show hidden files just in case). Whenever i let mbam delete those files security centre doesn't work and mbam then finds nothing in the next scan. Whenever i restore the rundll32.exe file on system32 folder mbam keeps finding those 2 infections in the windows folder. The spesific file i restore from that other computer is 100% malware clean according to virustotal. Can anybody help me out? ___________.bmp
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