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  1. I think I found something that call chroomium browser not chromium ....
  2. And I still need to uninstall chrome from program and feature , right.. ?
  3. Hi . I'll uninstall chrome from program and feature , right ? And I dont know where is my internet explorer and firefox Can you help me please ? Thank you!
  4. Soo is my pc still infected ? Or another proplem :( ? Thank you!
  5. I bought this pc from online store that it used What should I do ? Thank you!
  6. Hi , i think it just a update My pc is ok now but Is static.doubleclick.net a virus ? It's still here Here is a picture
  7. After I shutdown my pc Here is a picture I dont know what is this
  8. Here are the fille and does window update use free space ? I turned window update on after I post first report of FRST and Addition Thank you! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. After a while , the disk is 17.1GB free What is happening , I dont understand
  10. Here is the report after malwarebyte scan run (And Im worry about the virus can comeback that the disk is 17.5GB after the fix work , if you can explain with me that yes please ":(" ) Text.txt.txt
  11. Oh I have a question about local disk It was 22GB free before and now it just 17.5GB free Did the fix dowloaded something ?
  12. Maybe no I think but what should I do if i want to make sure my pc is clean and have no virus ? Thank you!
  13. Hi again I dont know what is this but here , there is a picture What should I do now ? Thank you!
  14. Hi . My pc is window 8.1 Soo I will still open an elevated command prompt like the post from bleepingcomputer , right ? Thank you!
  15. Hi , after another 1 hour it shutdown Here the fixlog please reply me after 17:00 Fixlog.txt
  16. Hi. im little worry about frst work just use 3MB instead of 23MB as first fix Hope you can reply this fast that can help my worry about frst disappear.
  17. I'll still use old fixlist file , right ? Thank you soo much because helped me alot !
  18. here , the fixlog tex , pls let me know what should I do after you read this reply Thank you so much! Fixlog.txt
  19. And the fix reached to maximum fixing time of 60 mins
  20. Oh i got fixlog but not in frst logs Is this ?
  21. Ok .... But can you please tell me how long will the fix work ...?
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