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  1. Yes it's normal again , now we can to close this topic Thank you alot!
  2. It's normal again , nothing wrong But did my pc clean now ? And how to protect my pc from virus Thank you!
  3. Hi kelvin After a time I ran sophos scan and here is the logSophosVirusRemovalTool.logSophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4.log I'm sorry I didn't send a report for a while due to work Thank you!
  4. Ye i dowloaded sophos anti virus but I dont have spare tím to run sophos may be next weeekend I will run
  5. I have a question about it because Im worry about my friend live with me using the same wifi but maybe his laptop is ok... Thank you!
  6. No Im not able to do that now... Uhh but If a laptop uses the same wifi by lan port plug directly into the modem , can it have viruses ?
  7. Hi , here is fixlist Oh I have a question , can virus in my pc spread to another one ? Thank you! Fixlog.txt
  8. Sorry I didn't , Im not at home right now I'll send you fixlog when I run fix Thank you!
  9. Hi I know why I cant dowload it now... My country has a broken fiber optic cable... Soo when it's fixed I'll dowload sophos Hope it gets fixed soon Thank you!
  10. Here are FRST and Addition. uhhh I have a small problem about window update , does it cost alot of free space from C disk ? If yes , maybe in future it will fill my C disk that it's 12GB free space now ... And does window update is improtant to my pc ... ? Thank you! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Uhhh how can I do that , I dont understand...
  12. Uhhh maybe no I , dont use any VPN If yes and it's in pc without my knowledge how can I turn off it ?
  13. But I cant wait ... It's like 15 mins for 1MB soo I stopped dowload sophos av .... How can I dowload sophos faster ...?
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