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  1. Hi i checked it but there just are cmd frst and addition file and text
  2. Oh I think it deleted something after run fix but there is no fixlog.
  3. Hi, right now the pc is like before run frst fix and i didnt run microsoft safety scanner What should i do now ? Pls rep me as fast as you can Thank you!
  4. Sorry i wrote wrong But after 50 mins run frst fix , frst shutdown and nothing happen Ca
  5. Hi , after 30 mins that frst fix still run Im rly worry about that Can you tell me how long does it work ?
  6. Hi , i rly need you help right now , First , how much time does frst take to fixing ? Second , do i need turn offf malwarebyte and window defend ? And how to stop it if i started fix Pls rep me as fast as you can
  7. Oh I missed that I have a question about my computer , does it have a serious infection?
  8. Hi , I have a question that I dowloaded FRST in downloads folder that fixlist need to be in that folder ? Im not sure about that but thank you alot!
  9. Hi . here Text.txt.txtare file you said And thank you alot Hope you have a nice day and good mood Adw.txt.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hi i need somehelp about ad.doubleclick.net that I reseted chrome setting . dowloaded adwcleaner malwarebyte and used scan from malwarebytes prenium trial but cant stop it
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