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  1. Admin: unless i need assistance later on, i believe i have found the solution to my issue. I have replicated the solution and found that going to the search engine section of chrome allowed "bikiniland" and "ask" search engines to be enabled. Deleting these from the list proved to eliminate detection of the malware by malwarebytes software. Steps Taken: 1. Click on three verticle dot button in top right corner 2. Click Settings 3. In the Settings window, type "Search Engine" into the search bar on the page 4. Click "Manage Search Engines" drop down list 5. Disabl
  2. Additionally, i also deleted the "User data" folder under "app data... chrome". After startup, and before signing in and syncing, i ran Malwarebytes and nothing was detected! But immediately after syncing, the malware was detected after a subsequent scan... I could not locate the option to "reset sync" following the instructions, only "clear data" was listed.
  3. To anyone who can assist! I have come across an issue with my internet being increasingly slow. Upon further investigation, and using Malwarebytes excellent detection software, i have found that malware (pup bikiniland, pup ask) being continually being reinstalled and present every time i reopen chrome. I have tried resetting the "account sync" for Chrome per the instructions of the post that solution regards, to no avail. Attached are multiple scans done that were outlined in the post created indicating how to inquire for assistance. "scan.txt" indicates a scan done without the rootkit s
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