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  1. (Firefox, S10) Hi, sorry for bothering everyone again but I have a few concerns I recently went to the site clinic.meijer.com (posted straight from the Blokada log) which was the first result on Google and I have noscript installed so I allowed the sites script. It ended up not working and I close the site. I then noticed on Blokada that even minutes after closing the site and even revoking the script priveleges I saw that something was still trying to access the site. Once again the sites tab was completely closed. I then thought I had just went to the site again and forgot about it,
  2. Hi @mbam_mtbr thank you for replying, I whitelisted the domain in Blokada and I saw it go through and connect, but nothing happened. After I let it connect I unwhitelisted it and it stayed away for a while, but later came back. I guess I'm just confused why it tries to connect while I have those apps open, and why it just comes and goes seeminly randomly. I guess I just panicked, seeing as it seemingly does nothing I guess I'll just have to ignore it. I apologize, thank you again for replying and I'm sorry if I wasted your time.
  3. (Sprint S10 Android) Hello sorry for bothering you all again but it seems I have a different problem now too, Recently I've noticed googleads . g . doublclick . net showing up recently on my Blokada logs, I know this is a legitimate Google ad server but it just showing up from time to time isn't the problem. I've noticed it in multiple apps that either have their own ad domains or app that are opensource and I can guarantee do not have ads of any kind, yet when open spam that adress. When I dont have those apps open it tries to reach googleads about every hour despite not doing anyt
  4. Hi @mbam_mtbr thank you for replying, Blokada and the host list I use, Energized Basic and Adguard dns only blocked the c00161-dl domain by default. I then put the other two domains in the blacklist My first thought was to check to see if a new app was causing these, but when they started no new apps were installed, none even were updated to my knowledge I checked with both the settings app going through all my apps, and then with the Malwarebytes log to see the newest installations and there were no new apps that really correlate. It seems it appeared out of nowhere, and I looked int
  5. (Sprint S10 Android 9, own full Malwarebytes with all protection options enabled) Recently I've noticed a few suspicious domains in Blokada, and they first started out while using and after stopping the Sprint Mobile Hotspot but have recently just been spammed regardless of any factor. They are c00161-dl. urbanairship . com remote-data. urbanairship . com device-api. urbanairship . com I tried using theNet Monitor app, but once I turned that on the domains basically dissapeared until I stopped the app, then came back. While using the Net Monitor I didn't see anything other than t
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