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  1. Another note: In regards to the link attached for saving my passwords (https://betanews.com/2018/03/09/export-chrome-passwords/) there is no password export option although there is a sync and an import option though I am unsure if the sync is the newer version to the export version.
  2. Sorry for the long delay. I started to change my passwords and whoever has been accessing my account is trying to react to them. For some reason they keep trying to get into my twitch so I'm not sure if they're trying to make a link or what, but my two factor is going off like every 2-3 minutes at the moment of this response. I'll get right on that redownload now. Thanks for your patience.
  3. Yes, sorry got busy for a while.
  4. These are the only ones I can't close or show. I remember there being one more I couldn't close but I guess I can now.
  5. Here's a clearer version of the guiprop if that's what you meant (if you wanted me to expand it just mention it and I'll send it as soon as I can). I also attached both txt logs. As for your question I have tried closing all my active processes like Chrome, steam, etc. and at one time I also tried closing as many of the g.exe processes I could (forgot to mention I couldn't close the one in my keyboard either), but I still had the pause with the g.exe when I went to shut down my system. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hello Nasdaq, First, thanks for your assistance it is very much appreciated. Second, the picture provided is a snipping of my processes (including hidden) using guiprop and the locations provided are where the g.exe resides. I was following that linked topic up to the point where I couldn't find the location of g.exe was originally coming from. Given the locations it has "taken home" in I can't really disable any of the programs other than my clouds without rendering my computer somewhat unable to be a computer. I would like to point out I can make every window visible and close them except for 3. What appears to be 2 of the cmd prompts and my Adobe cloud. With 12 locations and so many looking to be crucial it really looks like someone is using it as a backdoor although it could easily not. I'm a bit at loss of what to do next. If you need anymore details I will try my hardest to provide them. Looking forward to your help.
  7. Hello, This is my first time coming here and it seemed to be helpful but I can't find what I need about my exact situation. I've checked out another forum (https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/226720-gexe-removal/) about this topic and it seems to have helped so far but I'm noticing the difference that this is an actual trojan (spyware or malware I'm not too advanced to know which one). Main issue is my main anti-virus program, I use McAfee, can't detect it and for some reason my windows 10 defender won't allow me to start a scan from it. (I presume it's because McAfee is seen as the default and overrides it) What has me concerned is where it's detected in my computer. To someone as inexperienced as I am these locations (my clouds, sound profiles, and keyboard) make it seem like someone has been using it as a way to log my actions and snoop around my files. Another thing I would like to address is that I've been getting security breach notifications from my gmail about others trying to access it from third-party or non-google apps (primarily from the oriental and Asian regions). Along with my minecraft account getting hacked during this same time period. I have no way of actually telling what else one or many people have access to and I find it difficult to change my passwords if there's a chance of me being keylogged. (I have changed some of my passwords and activated 2-factor on some stuff, but I still get security notifications.) I'd really appreciate the help.
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