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  1. Hello, It's working and not consuming a lot of resources. However it installed as a trial. I had the reference number from the email confirming the purchase. It took some doing to setup an account and get the license Key and License ID. I wouldn't have guessed that the account site and the Forum sites could utilize different ID / eMail / passwords. That was confusing as well. This was a lot of work to fix a performance problem.
  2. Can you double-check the link? I get an "Invalid Request" when I click on it. I don't see a search field on the site so I can't find it on my own. Thanks for checking.
  3. Update: Before all this started I checked the MalwareBytes application from the System Tray and it said the version was Up To Date so I didn't think I needed an update. I rebooted a few more times. When I checked the services (services.msc) I saw the MalwareBytes service in a state of Stopping with a StartUp type of Disabled. When I noticed that, I ran the MalwareBytes Uninstall program and rebooted. I still have the service in a state of Stopping and consuming high CPU. I no longer have a MalwareBytes or UninstallMalwareBytes program. After more reboots, ultimately, I was able to stop the cycle by ending the task a few times in Task Manager. I rebooted and there's no trace of Malware bytes in Task Manager or Services. Do you think it's safe to install version 3.4.5 in the link you gave above?
  4. Hello, Thanks for replying. I did as you said. It seemed to install OK, but at the end, I got an error message: Could Not Delete Service. I also had a request to reboot, and I did so. After the reboot I tried to run MalwareBytes to check the version and I got the popup message: Unable to Start / Unable to Connect the Service. After the reboot there is a MalwareBytes service running and It's consuming 15% or so of the CPU. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, I'm on Windows 10 with Norton Security Suite and MalwareBytes 3.3.1. Windows Task Manager shows MalwareBytes consuming anywhere fromb-check-results.zipm 16 to 25% of the CPU. It has been doing this for hours. I attached the results from MbCheck which was run a few hours ago. Can you help?
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