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  1. Hello, It's working and not consuming a lot of resources. However it installed as a trial. I had the reference number from the email confirming the purchase. It took some doing to setup an account and get the license Key and License ID. I wouldn't have guessed that the account site and the Forum sites could utilize different ID / eMail / passwords. That was confusing as well. This was a lot of work to fix a performance problem.
  2. Can you double-check the link? I get an "Invalid Request" when I click on it. I don't see a search field on the site so I can't find it on my own. Thanks for checking.
  3. Update: Before all this started I checked the MalwareBytes application from the System Tray and it said the version was Up To Date so I didn't think I needed an update. I rebooted a few more times. When I checked the services (services.msc) I saw the MalwareBytes service in a state of Stopping with a StartUp type of Disabled. When I noticed that, I ran the MalwareBytes Uninstall program and rebooted. I still have the service in a state of Stopping and consuming high CPU. I no longer have a MalwareBytes or UninstallMalwareBytes program. After more reboots, ultimately, I was a
  4. Hello, Thanks for replying. I did as you said. It seemed to install OK, but at the end, I got an error message: Could Not Delete Service. I also had a request to reboot, and I did so. After the reboot I tried to run MalwareBytes to check the version and I got the popup message: Unable to Start / Unable to Connect the Service. After the reboot there is a MalwareBytes service running and It's consuming 15% or so of the CPU. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, I'm on Windows 10 with Norton Security Suite and MalwareBytes 3.3.1. Windows Task Manager shows MalwareBytes consuming anywhere fromb-check-results.zipm 16 to 25% of the CPU. It has been doing this for hours. I attached the results from MbCheck which was run a few hours ago. Can you help?
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