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  1. It worked! The new version of MB installed without a hitch and has just completed a full system scan finding only a potentially unwanted program, which I told it to ignore. I'm on vocation for 10 days and will test it again when I get back and if it still works will close the thread. Incidentally, having told MB to ignore an item is there a way to quarantine it later? Many thanks for all your help. DrJohn
  2. In safe mode the MB installer got past the language screen to the installing screen but then hung with nothing showing on the progress bar. I noticed a few things: 1. there were three installer tasks running. Ending each tas the tasks saturated the CPU for ~ 10 secs. MBAM was runing until I ended the 3rd task. 2. all were 32 bit tasks though I had asked for the 64bit version of the installer (my machine has Windows 10 Professional 64bit and 8GB RAM) . The installer I downloaded was version mb3-setup-consumer- 3. Trawling the net produced a number of reports that the problem is caused by the latest Windows 10 update but recommending difficult "fixes" that I am reluctant to try.
  3. I downloaded the installer but it would not get beyond the choice of language screen. I disabled Norton security and tried again but the problem persisted (3 tries). I noticed that each time I tried to download, it got about 2/3 through but then failed pressing the retry icon completed the download, but it still would not run. NB. I'm using Firefox as my browser
  4. I have completed the procedure you suggested and attach the relevant folder mb-check-results.zip
  5. MB has refused to work since about 1st March 2012. Task Manager shows MBservices is hanging on starting and MBAM is not shown st all. MBAM.exe won't run at all and refuses to be uninstalled. I was hoping an uninstall/reinstall would solve the problem but now don't know what to do. Please can anybody help? I am using Windows 10 version 1709 (build 16299.309) on an Intel based PC
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