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  1. It is Direct X 9 32-bit. At least that's what Windows 10 says it is.
  2. Originally I disabled all the protection, then started up the game to see if it was fixed and it was. I just started up the game to test, and found out that after I stopped playing and re-enabled all the protections the game worked fine. No lag on autosaves. I then restarted my computer and started up Borderlands 2 with all of Malwarebytes protection starting on startup and found that the lagging on autosave was back. I proceeded to check each option, one at a time, off while leaving the rest on, then turning it back on after turning it off didn't fix the lag. I have found that disabling Ransomware Protection fixes the lag on autosaves. Re-enabling the setting after disabling once, does NOT bring the lag on autosave back. I must restart my computer and have the protections begin on startup for the issue to reappear.
  3. I recently upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4 and have noticed lag in Borderlands 2 when the game autosaves at a checkpoint. I did not have this issue with the 3.3 version and it only appeared post upgrade to 3.4. It makes the game literally unplayable. I have found other people who recently, as in the last two weeks who are having the same issue. https://steamcommunity.com/app/49520/discussions/0/1698293703772876529/ They also report the issue post 3.4 update considering the timing of the posts being March of this year. They solved it by disabling Malwarebytes Real Time protections. I can confirm that Malwarebytes is indeed the issue and when these protections are disabled the lag disappears. Please fix this, as I don't want to disable my protection just to play a video game.
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