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  1. We have this exact same issue. I submitted a ticket on this earlier today. I'll post a solution if they have one. Nance
  2. I found two more that were high CPU on malwarebytes service. I have FRST scans and Malwarebytes service dump files uploaded on ticket 00053141. 1.65 GB of data. Hope this helps!! Nance
  3. I have already cleaned up our environment but I'll be happy to pull a dump file the next time an upgrade spikes our systems. Thanks!
  4. I'm glad they are working on communication. I did not receive the email, but do have the support site bookmarked so I can check it for upcoming updates.
  5. One of the managers - Jeff - called me this morning. They show having sent us an email, but we never got it. I checked our email filter and it never arrived. He also told me about the website. I have it book marked so I can check it often and at least know when an upgrade is coming. I am hoping they can figure out what is keeping the Malwarebytes Agent from starting backup - it seems that if the agent service doesn't restart, then the Malwarebytes service starts consuming resources and never stops.
  6. And yes... I have several support tickets open! I would upload debug logs but I don't have any since I didn't know an upgrade was coming and hadn't switched the INFO to DEBUG!
  7. I came in this morning and my workstation was painful to work on… Once task manager came up – I see Malwarebytes service is consuming CPU again. I logged into the cloud console and have no endpoints - they must have upgraded that too. Once I rebooted my workstation I could finally get the CPU down enough to open the browser back up and see that half of my servers are spiking CPU. I BEG OF YOU - COMMUNICATE UPGRADES!!!!!! I will now spend the day verifying our servers are all up and operational for the plant. I thought you all were supposed to communicate when we were getting an upgrade!!
  8. THEY DID IT AGAIN!!!! Last night they pushed out an Engine Update to Half of our servers were spiking CPU this morning - March 9th - and I've sent in tickets. Now I get to spend the morning cleaning up the mess and trying to give our environment usable servers. I wish someone would communicate the upgrades!!!
  9. I arrived at the office this morning to another Malwarebytes version upgrade without any warning, communication or advance notice of any kind. I checked the forums, no mention of an upgrade last night. Half of our servers were consuming more than 50% CPU and had big memory spikes due to Malwarebytes Service. Malwarebytes Agent was stopped and the servers were hung up. I look back at our downtime root cause log and 90% of our downtime has been caused by Malwarebytes. I was really hoping for some change after the last big weekend of downtime, but it doesn't seem like it's getting any bette
  10. Kevin, We have 8 open tickets and none have been responded to. I have been combing the forum in hopes of a solution. We have tried the mb-clean.exe with the /cloud and the /managed switch. The issue is growing on a daily basis and I'm really looking for a fix that doesn't involve days and days of my labor hours.
  11. The reboot issue is growing even after the web protections fix. I came into work today to more pc's wanting reboots to finish installing malwarebytes updates. We tried all of the steps outlined in another post and ended up uninstalling malwarebytes until a solution can be found. We've been on the cloud version since September and this issue started appearing last week.
  12. We have Malwarebytes Endpoint - Cloud and are having a reoccuring reboot issue too. We have uninstalled - reinstalled - used the MB-Clean tool (most recent) rebooted and still the stations prompt for a reboot after Malwarebytes is reinstalled. I can't get any response from support - I have 5 open tickets on this and other issues and after the weekend fun of the web protection my users are getting very frustrated. Is there a fix for this sudden reboot issue? We haven't had this since September and now all of a sudden, workstations are continually prompting for reboots.
  13. We are experiencing this exact same issue on several workstations. Has a fix been issued yet? Prompts for reboot over and over and over and after the weekend fun of the web protection, our users are frustrated. I've sent in several tickets and have had no response.
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