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  1. One of my common chat site constantly pops up a warning that a site is blocked due to fraud. The screenshot is attached. It's ok if it's blocked, but how do I tell Malwarebytes to stop telling me about this?
  2. Thanks for your help. I think we're ready for cleanup or maybe we're done. Thanks!
  3. Please find the requested file attached. So far, the updated version of MWB has let the real time protection stay on. It's only been a few minutes so far but it seems to be working. One thing MWB and I are arguing about is Weatherbug. It's one of my favorite and most useful weather programs, but it may be causing issues reporting adware and other things with MWB. Matter of fact, the cleanup process you walked me through yesterday removed Weatherbug from my machine. I tried to reinstall it today and it seems to be blocked. Is there any way I can use Weatherbug and MWB without MWB removing
  4. All processes requested are complete. Here are the files requested. I hope after all this you can tell me how to fix MWB so I can turn on real-time protection. I still cannot leave MWB Premium running because this won't turn on and I get constant popups that it's off. MWB Scan Report 07Feb18.txt AdwCleaner log 07Feb18.txt mrt 07Feb18.txt
  5. Please find the requested logs as well as the report from Malwarebytes. All of these were run today, February 7, 2018 sing Malwarebytes Premium. MWB is still telling me there are no issues found but it keeps popping up with blocked sites like drivethelife.net and onclickads.net. My Avast Antivirus isn't reporting anything, either. Also MWB real time scanning will not stay on so I'm getting popups about that being off, too. Thanks for your attention in this matter. Addition.txt FRST.txt MWB Threat Scan 07Feb18.txt
  6. In addition to the adware issue I've reported separately, my new lifetime subscription Malwarebytes has started giving me popups that it's real time protection is turned off. This was a fresh install of the program about 10 days ago that made me lose my original lifetime key (so I had to buy a new one). I do not want this program if it won't work right, so please provide a solution to getting the real time protection issue solved and make sure you've answered my other thread on the adware issue that Malwarebytes gives me popups about but can't find in a scan. As you can see in the screen
  7. I had this issue 2 or 3 weeks ago. Malwarebytes constantly popups blocking a few different (what appears to be) adware issues, such as drivethelife and onclickads. There's a 3rd one that shows up sometimes but much more rarely. My Avast antivirus couldn't find any issues, and running a scan on my lifetime license MWB gives a message that there are no threats found. I have a temporary license on HitManPro and it seems to find tracking cookies but nothing to do with adware (from what I can tell). I uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled it but lost my license key for about 10 days. During thi
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