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  1. Conventional wisdom used to be that one should not run multiple real-time virus scanners simultaneously. I just discovered that my wife is running both the paid version of Malwarebytes ( and the paid version of McAfee (16.0 R25 or 18.5, depending on where you look) on her Windows 10 Home machine (not sure which major version). Both real-time scanners are ON. Is that a bad idea? Should she turn one or the other real-time scanner off, or can they play well together nowadays? Thanks for any clarification! -- JCW2
  2. I'm trying to activate real-time protection on my iMac. I couldn't do it before upgrading to Catalina this morning. And now I've upgraded and I still can't see the Allow button even in Catalina. Screen shots below. It doesn't offer an Allow button.
  3. Hi guys, I've been having trouble with my MB so I ended up removing and reinstalling. I'm able to get it to come up on start up now, but I've had to turn on real time protection repeatedly, and I still cannot get the ransomware protection to come on (it won't even let me flip the on "switch"). I'm a bit stymied as to how to fix this. I see that others have had the same issue, so I'm going to start the process of troubleshooting. Thanks! NB
  4. I keep getting a popup in Windows that says "Real-Time Protection has been turned off". However, when I open Malwarebytes, it shows all the real-time protection is turned on.
  5. As many have found, when installing Malwarebytes on a Mac running High Sierra, I could not install system extensions that enable Real-Time Protection. I do understand it’s not a bug, it’s a feature on Apple’s part. After multiple searches here and elsewhere on the Interweb, no fixes worked for me. No matter how many times I tried to “Allow” in the Security System Preferences nothing would happen. Finally it dawned on me to try “allowing” in Safe Mode. Lo-and-behold, everything is loaded and I have Real-Time Protection switched on. So for the simple home user who is just trying to get a little protection for their Mac without wading into Console or Terminal mode or trying to adjust kernel permissions, here is what worked for me: Turn your Mac off, wait 10 sec (per Apple), then turn it back on while holding down the Shift key. Note: If you usually use a wireless keyboard, use the keyboard on your MacBook/MB Pro or a USB keyboard if you are not on a laptop. Wait for the computer to start up. It will take a longer than usual. Once the desktop is back, it should say “Safe Boot” up in or near the menu bar. Launch Malwarebytes. Try turning on Real-Time Protection. When you get to the point where you are asked to “Allow” system software installation, click “Allow” just like you have every time before. I immediately got another dialog box this time saying Restart was necessary to complete the installation. Restart, again, WITHOUT holding the Shift key. This time I was greeted by a cheerful congratulatory Malwarebytes window saying everything was installed and I had Real-Time Protection as promised with my Premium subscription. Sorry if this fix has already been posted elsewhere, but I never found it on my own searches. And apologies if this doesn’t work for others. I know how frustrating it can be.
  6. Hey, I'm sad to say that I'm at a total loss when it comes to computers, and I'm a 90's kid. Ugh. Also, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. I've tried doing what was suggested for people with similar problems in this forum, but nothing is working. I don't know when it happened, I don't pay much attention to it, but sometime between 4/19/18 and today 4/30/18 my Malwarebytes program was removed from my computer. During this time Windows did force an update, and this may be what caused the program to disappear. I noticed that I wasn't getting any updates on scans recently, and went to run Malwarebytes, and it gave me an error saying something like "unable to connect to program" or something like that, and I realized that I was using the "M" pinned to my taskbar, and the actual program was gone from my computer. So, I ended up going to Malwarebytes website, and re-downloaded the software. Once the files were downloaded and installed everything looked like it did before this mess started, except now it says, "You're not fully protected One or more Real-Time Protection layers are turned off." The layer that is "turned off" is "Exploit protection." I went to "My Account" and re-entered my access key, and ID, because I noticed the key was different, and it reverted back to the different key, but after doing some research this seems to be okay since there was an update with the way keys are assigned now, and I can use either the new key, or my old one. So, that is all fine and dandy. But still, whenever I try to click the Exploit Protection to "on," nothing happens. I'm getting really frustrated. I've tried closing down the program, and then re-launching it, and it still shows the Exploit Protection is off. PLEASE, ANYONE, HELP?!
  7. I'm running three PCs with licensed lifetime standalone MBAM Premium and standalone MBAE which apparently updated itself to v1.12.1.37 on 3/8/18. Unfortunately this MBAE update broke Firefox 58.0.2 on all three of our PCs. Most of the time Firefox will start to launch but will stop before it has finished loading the toolbar and will just sit there. I see from the beta forum that this update has been problematic for other people as well. On one PC I uninstalled MBAE and have not reinstalled it yet. Now the MBAM icon also no longer shows up in the task bar. When I manually launch MBAM the splash screen shows 'no protection' in the Real-time Protection field. In settings both Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection are enabled. Why is real-time protection not turning on? I tried re-entering my license ID and my Key but that made no difference. Should I deactivate and re-activate my license for MBAM to regain real-time protection? Thanks!
  8. Computer went to blue screen and did 100% memory dump. After reboot, real-time protection will not turn on. mb-check-results.zip
  9. I've been running AVG Internet subscription and Malearebytes Premium for some time now, but the past couple of weeks I keep getting the "Real-time protection is switched off" message. I switch it back on and it switches off again immediately. I've excluded Malwarebytes on the AVG exclusions and the AVG helpdesk has checked remotely and say everything is fine from their end. I have the latest Malwarebytes upgrade and the latest Windows too. What else can I do please?
  10. Running version 3.3.1, Premium Paid Enable self-protection module early start is ON Had the program do a turn off a few times before, but then usually just turning Real-time protection back on and it's fine. No More. Now every time I turn it back on it turn right back off within seconds. See that others having this issue as well and followed instructions for include files. Last time this happened was before the update some months ago. mb-check-results.zip
  11. I'm using a licensed version of Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1, as an administrator, on a Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 7 Professional. The web real time protection has been functioning well until yesterday, when a notice popped up in my task bar saying it was shut down. When I open Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection settings, Web Protection is, indeed, turned off, but when I try to turn it on, it won't stay in the "on" position, it just immediately shuts itself off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. In addition to the adware issue I've reported separately, my new lifetime subscription Malwarebytes has started giving me popups that it's real time protection is turned off. This was a fresh install of the program about 10 days ago that made me lose my original lifetime key (so I had to buy a new one). I do not want this program if it won't work right, so please provide a solution to getting the real time protection issue solved and make sure you've answered my other thread on the adware issue that Malwarebytes gives me popups about but can't find in a scan. As you can see in the screen shot, RT protection is off. However, it won't let me turn it on. I've quit the program and relaunched it as well as rebooted a few times.
  13. Web Protection will refuse to turn on. I've made sure Malwarebytes 3 was up-to-date, restored to default settings, restarted it, and ran it as administrator. mb-check-results.zip
  14. I have this problem as well. Both web and exploit protection refuse to turn on. They worked pre Saturday.
  15. Malwarebytes-Premium keeps telling me "Real-TIme Protection turned off", and when I try to turn it on, it says "Starting..." for a moment then goes back to off. I am unable to turn it on. I've restarted Malwarebytes, restarted my computer, all to no avail.
  16. I'm recovering from a blue screen crash. Everything seems to be working but Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection won't turn on. On the Protection tab, it just says "Starting . . . ." Should I reinstall or what? Advice much appreciated! Thanks!
  17. Hello, so starting this afternoon I restarted my computer and now I can't get web-protection started. I have tried restarting the service as well. I do notice that once i restart the laptop that the protection is enabled but it'll disable pretty fast and i'll get the pop-up notification. this is version 3.3.1 I am using windows 10 x64 and I'm not using any other AV other than windows defender. I've done a full scan and everything checks out any ideas on what to do? I have attached the check results Thanks in advance
  18. So I am stuck here on this one as well. Wishing things just worked as intended instead of fighting with everything. I noticed last night that for some reason malware bytes was uninstalled from my computer. Weird but ok (I blame windows 10) so I downloaded the installed activated my key, checked for updates, and ran a treat scan. This morning it pops up with Real-Time Protection layers turned off. I found the options on Malwarebytes and try to turn it on. It gives me the Starting... but never changes and the dumb pop thing for Malware keep notifying me its off. It is also not scanning properly when I click for it to scan. Scan not files for 1 to 2 sec and then says finished. I have uninstalled it already this morning, used the mbam cleaner tool (mbam-clean- and reinstalled it to no success. I don't know if this is the most up to date cleaner or not. I have checked the compatibility Porthos mentioned earlier in this thread. I have also went into Windows Defender and added the exception for the files. I have windows 10 64bit, windows defender and soon to be a different malware software if they cant get their crap together. I don't get to spend a lot of time on the computer and when I do I when I am trying to fix someone else mistakes specially when I have paid for the service. It like paying someone to wash your car and they expect you to run the hose, fill their buckets, and grab their rags for them when they ask for it. Sorry for the rant and I did read you Quote, Porthos, so I do thank you for your time although Malware should be putting a check in the mail for you. At a loss here.
  19. Hi all I have a 1 lifetime Anti-Malware license for PC which I got back in the day. It's dutifully upgraded over the years, most recently 7 November, when I got version I'm runing Windows 10 Home (Build 16299) and Norton Premium. Today (Sat. 18 Nov) was a big day for updates. I got a Windows update, Adobe Reader 11 (and changed it for Acrobat DC), 100 MB of Norton - I think that's it. At one point my Outlook 2013 client (I was online at the time) got fed up with working and disappeared. (I mean its open windows did - its icon stayed on the taskbar and kept launching textboxes at me when I asked it to reopen saying no, it wouldn't). It was about then I noticed the orange popups in the lower right corner screaming there was no realtime protection. I had recently clicked accidentally on a link in an email I distrusted and, although nothing happened except the Microsoft "something's-happening" wheel rotated for a bit, I've paranoically worried since I've thereby downloaded spyware which will call back to mother next time I go online. I've done a compatability check, repeated scans in and out of Safe Mode. Found nothing - changed nothing. I'm only unable to turn real-time protection on. All other settings except Delay real time protection ... I've turned or left on. I'm writing this from another laptop. So, long story short, help??? ausgumbie
  20. Hi guys, I keep getting an alert saying Malwarebytes can not turn real-time protection on. I keep having to reinstall it in order to get it to work and even after reinstalling sometimes I still can not turn it on. Another problem (attached image) I keep getting this PUP stuff...I remove but they keep coming back...I tried to remove them with CCleaner, adwcleaner_7.0.4.0, Junkware Removal Tool and nothing...all my stuff if updated so I don't know what else to do.
  21. Hi I'm using the premium version and the version is Real-time protection turned off by itself and won't turn on. It shows "starting" but can't finish the process. I have scanned my computer for rootkits with Malwarebytes Anti-rootkit and it didn't find anything I have also uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled it (used MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x as well) How can we fix this issue?
  22. I am writing to report and obtain assistance in fighting BitCoin miners on my laptop. Their virus is invisible to Malwarebytes and it's early stage's only visible activity is a change of system time display by 5 hours and reading the system event logs. I have engaged Microsoft on multiple occasions with varying degrees of success. Google noted something wrong and sent me a modal window asking me to send them a file which I did. The last time Microsoft helped me the fixed worked until dual Booted to Ubuntu w/o install SpyBot Anti-Beacon software. The problem seems to predate my ownership of the laptop based on the event logs. I purchased the machine “new” from Dell online. The virus creates a disk partition that survives normal system restores and does not require a network connection to rebuild itself. Logs are in a public S3 bucket , instructions are in the attached document. Issue Details with log access instructions.doc
  23. Web Protection is stuck at "Starting..." and is preventing Scanning which starts but ends after 2 seconds. My installs may exceed the 3 PC limit but I'm only using it on 3. How can this be managed if it's the problem?
  24. Using version 3.1.2 premium. Under the Real-Time Protection module, the Malware protection module will not stay started. It appears to start but never does. What to do?
  25. Real-time Malware protection won't stay on. Using the toggle button, I can switch it on, but then it immediately turns off. My computer was running slow (Win 8.1), so I decided to reboot, then I noticed that the protection was off. I tried disabling Avast (which I realize is redundant but I'm paid to November), but still could not turn it on. I rebooted again, but no luck. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
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