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  1. I've noticed a dramatic slowdown on both of my Windows 10 desktop PC's performance after upgrading from 2.x to I did the full clean and installed the new version in both PC's, but there was no difference. Most affected by this slowdown was our Acronis backup which was taking about 20% longer and "CCleaner/Registry/Scan for Issues" which is taking about 275% longer! So . . . I experimented a bit and have found the problem! Using "CCleaner/Registry/Scan for Issues" as my "test vehicle", I turned different parameters off and on until I located the culprit! With the "Enab
  2. Done, on both PC's, no difference. So . . . I experimented a bit and have found the problem! Using "CCleaner/Registry/Scan for Issues" for testing, I turned different parameters off and on until I located the culprit! With the "Enable self-protection module" off, Scan for Issues takes 6:43 seconds (sec:hundredths). With the same module on, Scan for Issues takes 18:54 seconds. These times were taken with a simple stop watch, so they could all be +/- 1 second, although I ran the tests a bunch of times and got comparable results to the above times every test! No other parameters seemed to m
  3. I hold 2 lifetime licensess. A couple of days ago I installed (not the beta) on my PC and my wife's. Since then, both PC's are having the same problem, a 20% slowdown when running Acronis backup or CCleaner registry check for issues. Other applications are sluggish but I can't tell how badly. I have MS Defender turned off and no other antivirus programs installed. Is there some parameter I can check (or uncheck) to speed things up?
  4. http://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-registry-cleaner.html is now being blocked. Also, my installed copy of this program has been removed. This is definitely a false positive! Thanks, BMullin
  5. I'm not sure where to find the log of a web block. Is the attached file OK? log.txt
  6. Title link was just flagged as being bogus and access was prevented. I've been using this site for months with no problem. is this a genuinely bad site or an MWB error?
  7. That sort of defeats the definition of "check for program updates automatically", but I get it. Thanks, BMullin
  8. P.S. My copy of the MWB is fully licensed . . .
  9. I have version I have "Check for program updates when checking for database updates" checked, but even though I've set MWB to update the database hourly, it has not detected the new version 2.1.4. Is there a bug in my program? How do I get the latest version? Thanks!
  10. I'm using MWB V2 on two Dell XPS desktop PC's. On one PC the MWB icon appears on the systray and on the other it does not. I've checked the Services and MWB is running so there's no real problem. But I was wondering why the icon appears in the systray with one PC and not the other. Thanks!
  11. Then how about the capability of excluding certain folders (and their subfolders), or would this be the same problem? Happy holidays!
  12. The Ignore List allows me to exclude certain files from scanning and this works fine. But if I could also exclude certain extensions from scanning, this would greatly speed up my full scan. For instance, I have over 15,000 MP3 and JPG files that could be excluded, which would work great on my system as I have noticed MWB spends a LOT of time on these files. Thanks, Bill Lifetime License
  13. Right after booting, I got a message that there was a program update. I told it to go ahead and run, then I got the source code error. - Bill
  14. I did as instructed, and although there were a number of error messages while doing the job, everything seems to be working fine. But please check the attachment and tell me if I have the current version. I vaguely recall a more recent date on the update that failed today, although the update is telling me that there's nothing new!
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