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  1. Yeah I am also getting the same thing, it seems to be released to hotmail webiste that Malwarebytes is now blocking. Glad its all false I completely reset my browser to default lol
  2. fixed by excluding this IP address
  3. I can not join discord voice chat website blocked due to fraud?
  4. Hi yes support emailed me back not long after seeing this email. G2A has ripped me off
  5. Thanks for getting back to me so fast support. I thought this was the case
  6. Hello I sent Support an Email on the 29/09/17 and still waiting for a reply! I bought a Key from G2A and it was working perfectly fine, until I reinstalled Windows Fresh install and downloaded the latest version of Malwarebytes 3.2.2 now my key gives this error message. Here is the email I sent "Removed Key" Hello Frankie Howell hereI bought a 12 month key from a site called G2A and they Key has been working fine since I bought it on the 16/06/2017.. I did a fresh windows 10 install couple days ago and when I try and re-activate my key I get this error message the Key exceeded m
  7. O Thanks I have Premium Must have missed this will check it out. Thanks
  8. Hello I just jumped ship from Avast a 10+ year user, mostly felt like the change and really liked the free version. One feature that Avast has is passworded settings for example if I dont enter the correct password I can not edit settings "Real time protection" ETC This is a cool feature that stops unwanted software from changing settings without the user doing so. Also I removed Avast because you shouldn't have more than one Antivirus software running on a system but I only just found out Malwarebytes should be run with another Antivirus program Opps Got Windows 10 defender running
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