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  1. Any further update on this feature? The first supported game drops this month 14th October.
  2. 2022-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5016691) This is the first update since June that has installed while keeping Malwarebytes enabled. What I did do though was checked for an update for MWB and it did install an update not sure if anything within this update has fixed this problem for me but for now I seem to be good.
  3. If you want you can close my thread and I'll post into this thread. Keep all the feedback in one place. My issues is very much what OP has already said. Both of us have been following the same steps but only when MB is disabled does the windows updates install. June KB is when it started happening for me.
  4. Did originally try that, but didn't work. The PC must be restarted with protection disable then the update will go through. Once completed the protection can be enabled again.
  5. Hello I tried switching off Fast boot but the update still failed to install. It did however get through the update to 96% before failing unlike before it failed at 30%. Attached you will see a before I switched off Malwarebytes protection "Failed install" then a after with Malwarebytes protection disabled "Successful install" All my KB windows updates since June 2022 I have had to switch off Malwarebytes otherwise the updates wont install.
  6. Hello I switch off my PC daily I think with fast start up enabled its not counting the restarts. I'll try switching it off. Do you think that is the issue with updates not working?
  7. Hello Thanks for taking your time to help me with this issue. I have attached the zip file mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Hi Team another Windows update just released is also failing to install on Windows 11 Pro. I have had this issue since June KB updates. Disabling Malwarebytes and restarting the PC is the only way to update the PC.
  9. Had the same problem since June. After seeing this thread I disabled Malwarebytes protection and restarted the PC the update installed fine afterwards. Something has changed between MW and Microsoft since June
  10. Also been getting this popup today. seems to have stopped now though.
  11. Yeah I am also getting the same thing, it seems to be released to hotmail webiste that Malwarebytes is now blocking. Glad its all false I completely reset my browser to default lol
  12. fixed by excluding this IP address
  13. I can not join discord voice chat website blocked due to fraud?
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