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  1. danull

    IMPORTANT: Web Blocking / RAM Usage

    Fix worked for me, thank you.
  2. danull

    Infected by Malwarebytes

    The update fixed this, just trying to inject some humor into situation...thanks for the fix.
  3. I have this program called Malwarebytes eating up all my memory resulting in crashes. It seems to be self-updating so that it is capable of torpedoing my workstation when least expected. It was advertised as anti-malware but is worse than any malware I've ever suffered from before. What should I do?
  4. danull

    Memory Leak? >5gb

    I have this too, it is bad - I have to terminate the Malwarebytes service and leave it down. It eventually eats up all available memory and kills my performance if left alone.
  5. danull

    Website being blocked

    Got it, thank you! Have been following them forever so was surprised to see it and wanted to make sure it was legit.
  6. danull

    Website being blocked

    Malwarebytes keeps blocking thepier.org for me, wondering if it is real or not?
  7. danull

    Keep getting pop ups of chrome

    yep, appears to be fixed via that update.
  8. danull

    Keep getting pop ups of chrome

    I think false positive, seems to be related to Simple Service Discovery Protocol. How this made it through their "testing" is beyond me.

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