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  1. Thank you! Will come in handy in the future. I updated MediaMonkey as well as forced an update on Malwarebytes (which had been updated yesterday) and the false positive has gone away. @Winter you might want to try the same?
  2. I have the same MediaMonkey detection as Winter and wanted to report it in that forum you linked but the sticky only describes how to upload logs etc for prior versions of Malwarebytes and not 4.x....
  3. The update fixed this, just trying to inject some humor into situation...thanks for the fix.
  4. I have this program called Malwarebytes eating up all my memory resulting in crashes. It seems to be self-updating so that it is capable of torpedoing my workstation when least expected. It was advertised as anti-malware but is worse than any malware I've ever suffered from before. What should I do?
  5. I have this too, it is bad - I have to terminate the Malwarebytes service and leave it down. It eventually eats up all available memory and kills my performance if left alone.
  6. Got it, thank you! Have been following them forever so was surprised to see it and wanted to make sure it was legit.
  7. Malwarebytes keeps blocking thepier.org for me, wondering if it is real or not?
  8. yep, appears to be fixed via that update.
  9. I think false positive, seems to be related to Simple Service Discovery Protocol. How this made it through their "testing" is beyond me.
  10. The weird thing is that if I save the log, it says 0 malicious items detected, but here on the display screen it shows them. I've attached a zip containing an image AND a log from where I click Save results in the bottom right of that screen and save to TXT file. malwarebytes log and screen.zip
  11. Malwarebytes claims these two files have Trojan.Keybase in them, one is a DLL used by Photosync windows companion program (this is a popular IOS app that downloads pictures/movies from iPhone iPad etc to a Windows desktop automatically via this Windows companion program). This is new as of this morning, I have had Photosync installed for weeks with no issue. Two Photosync Files Claims Trojan Keybase.zip
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