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  1. Thank you Yoan! I've looked at a forum post similar to those, though the version linked of the program was outdated and thus didn't run. This one seems to be working and I have started the scanning. The menu won't open, but I read this is normal and the scan is still active, I just wanted to clarify that. I will come back once the scan has finished.
  2. To start it off, I love Malwarebytes and have been a free user for quite some time and recently have been thinking of upgrading for the benefit of real time protection, and this issue just furthers my want to do so. I am an idiot, and I have downloaded a version of Ccleaner from a website that I should have not trusted and originally it came bundled with Adware and all that good stuff. I was able to uninstall the initial adware with Malwarebytes and all seemed fine until this morning. Overnight, something must have happened regarding this trojan because now any executable file does not seem to work, only displaying "File Location Here *next line* The requested resource is in use." and at first I thought there was an instance of this running, but checking task manager there were no processes running under that type of program. I did some research and apparently this is a known trojan/rootkit and I've downloaded rKill and tried running it, same error message even in damn safemode. I've downloaded Malwarebyte's adware removal program, and their rootkit removal program, unzipping it and attempting to run the exe even as an administrator. Did not work. In my task manager some of the processes seem fishy, and whenever I try to go to their file location it says Access Denied. I've never experience a virus like this before, or any large computer infection for that matter so this is all new territory for me and it's kind of frightening that all my documents could be lost. Anyone who has a solution and offers to help, I greatly appreciate it!
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