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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I am having free avast antivirus as my antivirus and never sees things popping up in virus chest but in the past two days i have seen this ****temp.exe(gB94f.tmp and gDac5.tmp) file popping up.I don't know what it is and even after deleting it keeps coming after every restart,as it comes up and sits in the temp folder.Kindly help me either remove it or to find whether it is an false alarm Windows 7 Hp laptop
  2. My desktop has been infected by what I think is a malware called "CloudNet Inc", Bitcoinminer" and "Trojan.Agent". When I run Malwarebtyes 3.6.1 i have 8 file name "RiskWare.BitCoinMiner" on my AppData\ and when i run AdwCleaner i have 3 file Trojan.Agent onmy C:Windows\rss and 2 file PUP.OptionalGlupteba on mt AppData\ (i can't delete). i also try to disable unknow program in my starup and uninstall my mozilla. I have no idea what to do now. Help! AdwCleaner[S09].txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. A month ago I connected a flash drive to my laptop to transfer files from it to another PC. The flash drive showed duplicate files which I tried deleting to no avail. Apparently it was malware or virus which then infected my laptop. In a short space of time my applications and programs stopped launching and the pop up message eg "C:\Program Files (86)\GlassWire\GlassWire.exe is not a valid Win32 application" would pop up. I then checked the files and found every exe file was now 0kb. Office programs open briefly then a pop up message "Microsoft Office has encountered a problem with licensing and will need to close. If this problem persists,uninstall and reinstall your product." After much labor in online forums I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and did the scans. It Identified some 63 threats and I "quarantined" them. My problem still persists though after using FixExec i re-installed about 2 programs including Firefox which now work. I can't practically do this for all exe files which are still at 0kb. Can anybody help. I'm really desperate. I'd appreciate all the help I can get. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes threat report.txt
  4. For the life of me I cant get malware bytes to work. I have tried several options to get it working and using other programs to scan and everything. I even used the MB check program and none of the options worked. they would fail after creating these huge folders.I was also unable to get inherit to run as well if that provides any useful into. I am attaching logs I got from OTL and FRST and if any others are needed please let me know. FRST.txt OTL.Txt Addition.txt Extras.Txt mb-check-results.txt
  5. My desktop PC has been infected by what I think is a malware called "Cloud Net" (This .exe is running permanently and refuses to be killed by task manager, it also appears at about the same time i noticed issues). When I run some EXE files (Especially anti-virus software like MalwareBytes, FRST and MBAR), the program closes them and then deletes the exe (This also happens with random programs like DS4Windows). I have no way to get rid of this since all Anti-Virus options are either blocked or deleted. I have no idea what to do now. Help! Also, I know i'm supposed to post my MalwareBytes and FRST results but i simply cannot run either of these programes since Malwarebytes gets blocked altogether and FRST gets closed and deleted.
  6. So, I came to know about this issue yesterday when I returned from school and used my laptop. All the files and folders except C Drive are hidden and there is shortcut of everything. I click on the shortcut and then I can access the file. But when I try to copy anything from lappi to USB, only shortcuts are being copied. Also, an .exe file is being created on the name of the folder and file. Third, when I tried to show all the system protected files and folders, a junk of files and folders came up on the disk. Don't really know what went wrong. Day before yesterday, I inserted my friend's USB into lappi. I think this might be the reason of this. Any help would be highly appreciated as I have to clean my lappi and don't want to loose any file whatsoever. Thanks, Steve.
  7. I don't know how it's gone wrong but yesterday one of my friend inserted his USB in my PC and i accidentally clicked on an exe file and everything went terrible. Now, whenever i copy anything, hell lot of executable files are getting created itself and also, copied to the targeted device. Can anyone from here help?
  8. Malwarebytes has run its scheduled Hyper Scan and has detected an .exe and registry value as malware. Both belong to Lightshot. This appears to have once been a previous issue: Is it possible to confirm whether these are false positives? I obviously cannot attach the .exe and registry value. I have attached the screenshot of the scan results and the .txt of the results. Has anyone else experienced this? I will also create a ticket for this. malware lightshot false positive.txt
  9. To start it off, I love Malwarebytes and have been a free user for quite some time and recently have been thinking of upgrading for the benefit of real time protection, and this issue just furthers my want to do so. I am an idiot, and I have downloaded a version of Ccleaner from a website that I should have not trusted and originally it came bundled with Adware and all that good stuff. I was able to uninstall the initial adware with Malwarebytes and all seemed fine until this morning. Overnight, something must have happened regarding this trojan because now any executable file does not seem to work, only displaying "File Location Here *next line* The requested resource is in use." and at first I thought there was an instance of this running, but checking task manager there were no processes running under that type of program. I did some research and apparently this is a known trojan/rootkit and I've downloaded rKill and tried running it, same error message even in damn safemode. I've downloaded Malwarebyte's adware removal program, and their rootkit removal program, unzipping it and attempting to run the exe even as an administrator. Did not work. In my task manager some of the processes seem fishy, and whenever I try to go to their file location it says Access Denied. I've never experience a virus like this before, or any large computer infection for that matter so this is all new territory for me and it's kind of frightening that all my documents could be lost. Anyone who has a solution and offers to help, I greatly appreciate it!
  10. the older 0.9.16 beta removed my windows 10 photos - app. (the exe got quarantined) can anyone please help me to get it back? I already tried unistalling / reinstalling the app via powershell. it is listed as installed in the store but won't run. Thanks
  11. I have some things to says about your tool and this seems the only way to reach you. 1) Please create a proper website with contact information. It looks undone and shady the way it is now. 2) When checking for malware, your tool stops the driver of my Wacom graphic tablet, but forgets to turn it on again after it's finished. I have to restart Windows to be able to move the mouse cursor again. 3) I installed the Software Informer update checker and you simply deinstalled it again without telling me what kind of malware it is.
  12. Hi. I develop add-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint. A customer has just informed me that MBAM flags my software as malware. The specific software is available for inspection at: http://www.rdpslides.com/ftp/pptools/RESIZE.EXE and http://www.rdpslides.com/ftp/pptools/LANGUAGESELECTOR.EXE Both programs are add-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint. Since this is happening at the customer's site, I'm unable to create a log as requested. In the past, when there have been false positive reports, it's been because the software I use to create my installers has also been used by malware authors, so the installer EXE gets dinged. MBAM flags the uninstallers for my add-ins and the registry entries that tell Windows Control Panel where to find them. The installers/uninstallers are created with CreateInstall version 5 (http://www.createinstall.com/). I'll be happy to answer any additional questions you might have in an effort to get this sorted out. Thanks!
  13. MalwareBytes informed me of two Trojans located in the same file and suggested I quarantine it, so I did. Upon restarting my computer, I had no sound at all, I attempted to test the sound within a windows program which told me it had 'failed'. I then opened up Malwarebytes and took a look at the history (I have the paid version with the new layout). The Trojans were labeled 'Trojan.FakeMS'. Both in the same location. The location was C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe What should I do about this? How can I get my sound back without keeping the Trojans?
  14. Unable to download on Windows Vista computer. Gets most of the way through download and then comes back with (filename) .exe contained a virus and was deleted. Virus programs and firewalls are not working properly. Submitted files to HiJack This Support four days ago - no response. Have submitted files to McAffee (response at end) using Susp file tool downloaded to unaffected system and transferred on disk. Susp file program ran in safe mode detected 85 files submitted to McAfee as logs it would not submit as samples but only detected around 4 suspicious files in regular mode. First instance of Stinger ran and or the analysis of Suspicious files found the following but did not necessarily Quarantine Trojan/PSW.VKont.bb2; (vrobot) Trojan Win32.Agent.44168; (TrendMicro Home-Call) TROJ_GEN.F47V0816; Artemis!F5CD45497111. Instances of Stinger ran afterward detected nothing. Believe Stinger and other previously clean files now are infected. Link for HiJack this http://sourceforge.net/p/hjt/support-requests/30/ support request that contains the log files etc. . . . Have ran the following programs from a clean computer burned disk but had trouble initializing most at first and took several attempts to run them. Trend Micro Anti Threat Toolkit HiJack This Get Susp Rootkit Buster Stinger32 Rootkit Remover SuperDAT 7107xdat removeklez removebugbear Unable to run or virus would not allow Mydoomscanner Nightdragon McAfee TechCheck Security Scan McAfee Setup Have several directories detected in DOS that I do not recognize from around the time of infection can provide names if necessary. Response from McAfee: Thank you for using the GetSusp tool and submitting your suspicious file(s). You will find detailed below, the status of each file in the submission after an initial analysis. SR Number Creation Date WorkItem ID Machine Name ========= ============== =========== =========== None specified 6/24/2013 8:45:53 AM 958748 SHEILA-PC File Name Findings Detection Type --------- -------- --------- ---- appcore.ex_ clean analysed_clean appcore.resources.dl_ not_detected assumed_clean classicstarter.dl_ clean analysed_clean assistcustomer.dl_ clean analysed_clean audaemon.bi_ not_detected ccme_base.dl_ clean known_clean hphc_service.ex_ clean analysed_clean libcurl.dl_ not_detected Unknown cryptocme2.dl_ clean known_clean finderhelper.dl_ not_detected assumed_clean kbdstub.ex_ clean known_clean hpsysdrv.ex_ clean analysed_clean iau_sdk.ex_ clean known_clean helperstarter.dl_ clean analysed_clean sqlite3.dl_ clean known_clean remengine.ex_ clean analysed_clean runprofiler.ex_ clean analysed_clean regutils.dl_ clean analysed_clean ssleay32.dl_ not_detected Unknown osd.ex_ clean known_clean libeay32.dl_ not_detected Unknown libexpatw.dl_ clean known_clean In the event that the files are not listed as known threats, the submission will be forwarded to a McAfee Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by McAfee Labs through email with the results of that analysis. Support - Thank you for using the GetSusp tool and submitting your suspicious file(s). You will find detailed below, the status of each file in the submission after an initial analysis. SR Number Creation Date WorkItem ID Machine Name ========= ============== =========== =========== None specified 6/24/2013 1:03:41 PM 959871 SHEILA-PC File Name Findings Detection Type --------- -------- --------- ---- audaemon.bi_ not_detected Unknown In the event that the files are not listed as known threats, the submission will be forwarded to a McAfee Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by McAfee Labs through email with the results of that analysis. Similar response as follows to all other submissions to the same Thank you for using the GetSusp tool and submitting your suspicious file(s). Upon analysis (details listed below), we found that the submitted zip file contained only the logs generated during the GetSusp scan. The data in the logs will be used for prevalence purposes. Filename Failure Reason Machine Name ======== ============== ======== gsusp_9FE7B4CB0BD9_061913_172326.zip The submitted zip file has no viable samples for analysis SHEILA-PC There will be no further communication with respect to this submission. RootKitBusterDebug20130619_00.loghijackthis.loghijackthis.loghijackthis1.txthijackthis2.txthijackthis4.txt Stinger_22062013_021416.html STUFF PRINTED FROM ABOVE LINK IF UNABLE TO VIEW Milestone: v1.0_(example) Status: openOwner: nobodyLabels: Trojan/PsW VKont Trojan.Win32.Agent & a.Black TROJ_GEN. (1) Priority: 5 Updated: 4 days ago Created: 4 days ago Creator:SheilaPrivate: No
  15. Hello, A family member has downloaded this executable file while browsing Facebook: Profile Viewer - 5.exe. Then has tried to run it, clicked the "Run" button when prompted by Windows 7, but nothing has seemed to happen. However, the executable has installed a program named "Update" which seems to be posting on Facebook it's download links. I removed the program via "Programs and Features" in the Control panel of Windows, but would like to scan for additional files left. One of the reasons is because Google Chrome now displays ads in the bottom left corner (something similar like here http://forums.malwar...pic=116729). I installed AdBlock plus which is dealing well with the problem, but it doesn't eliminate it's source. I have avast Internet Security and Malwarebytes Anti-malware PRO installed, but only avast is running in the background. Both programs reported neither infected executable file (the one that was downloaded), nor any infected files (with the quick scans). This is why I came across this forum and in particular, http://forums.malwar...topic=9573. Please note that uTorrent is rarely running. I'm posting DDS.txt: And Attach.txt: I'll be very thankful if You could give me some insight whether there is an issue and if yes, I'd like to get directions on how to deal with it. Thank you very much!
  16. I ran a full scan last time yesterday, with at the time the latest DB. Today, I updated DB and ran full scan again to check if yesterday's FP(s) were fixed, and a Rainmeter skin had two .exe files flagged that were not flagged yesterday. Log below and files attached as .zip. 21-02-2013 scan.zip
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