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  1. I had the exact same problem with the same games software. CFA is never enabled but I tried to enable it and add all the BF .exe to exclusions and it never worked. CFA isn't worth the aggravation for me since my files live offline anyway. The access violations expanded to when the games manager even opened. so I experimented w/ shutting off various exploit guards like DEP and the two ASLRs that come enabled together but what cured the problem was my having to clean-install Windows v. 1803 for something else, and the one exploit guard : force randomization for images appeared to be the culprit. I'd enabled it previously and it comes disabled by default, correct? So far, the problem hasn't returned. Can running Malwarebytes' anti-exploit protections and Windows Defender exploit guards concurrently give rise to issues like this? BF hasn't updated its games manager in a long time either. Edit: I did not have Malwarebytes installed at the time of the issue.
  2. Hi! I'm back again. . Another interesting discussion elsewhere (to me at least, but I was talking mainly to myself) and something I would like to share with YOU, as a very huge interest of mine is marketing. Here, your page for MB download. I'm an erstwhile Malwarebytes subscriber, and it hurt my eyes when MB 3 first came out, with all the startup pains and then this. It's an ambitious software and one that should be taken way seriously, right? So what's with the silly graphics on the downloads page? Are you marketing to a specific subset only? What's that at the end of the robot's arm, it looks like one of those claw things in those arcade machines that grabs a prize only here it looks like it's reaching for a worm. Yum! It's shaping up to be a serious software solution so it should be portrayed as such, not to adolescent gamers only, though that's kind of a high risk group. What you think? Make Malwarebytes Look Serious Again! But I think you've had this theme for a while. And I'm taking another look at the new Malwarebytes..
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