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  1. Hello. I read about the new Katana engine in the 4.0 version. Now then, there is also a Dr. Web Katana. The coincidence is too coincidental. Any common elements between the two or are they completely separate? Appreciate any replies, I'm sure there are more important things to do around here. ๐Ÿฆนโ€โ™€๏ธ P.S.: did a search for similar topics before posting.
  2. Hey, thanks for removing the false detection for the Bandicam installer. The scan is all clear now. The Action Center warning that both MB and Defender are shut off PLUS the "Please wait while MB is installed" box during uninstall are still present, of course. Can we know the approximate eta for the new beta build? Also, the Action Center notification, there isn't actually any disruption of Defender's real time, is there?
  3. OK, the Bandicam executable was sent to you in a zipped format, nikhils. Hopefully you receive it in its proper condition. Also, I don't know whether this is reported previously, but when uninstalling Malwarebytes, a box appears that says "installed" instead of "uninstalled." Anyway, thanks for the consideration!
  4. I apologize, 1PW--indeed, that link doesn't open--it's actually the text of the scan result. No matter, here is the requested info: log.txt summary.txt mbam scan results.txt
  5. Hello, and my compliments on the new and improved user interface. Here we have the Bandicam installer flagged as malware. I didn't use the fp tracker because my security's rule flagged it as a PowerShell no-no. Thanks for your consideration. PS: I also got the alert from Action Center upon the Malwarebytes installation that Windows Defender was shut off. Both MB and WD actually. mbam fp.txt
  6. I had the exact same problem with the same games software. CFA is never enabled but I tried to enable it and add all the BF .exe to exclusions and it never worked. CFA isn't worth the aggravation for me since my files live offline anyway. The access violations expanded to when the games manager even opened. so I experimented w/ shutting off various exploit guards like DEP and the two ASLRs that come enabled together but what cured the problem was my having to clean-install Windows v. 1803 for something else, and the one exploit guard : force randomization for images appeared to be th
  7. Hi! I'm back again. . Another interesting discussion elsewhere (to me at least, but I was talking mainly to myself) and something I would like to share with YOU, as a very huge interest of mine is marketing. Here, your page for MB download. I'm an erstwhile Malwarebytes subscriber, and it hurt my eyes when MB 3 first came out, with all the startup pains and then this. It's an ambitious software and one that should be taken way seriously, right? So what's with the silly graphics on the downloads page? Are you marketing to a specific subset only? What's that at the end of the robot's ar
  8. Hi exile360: I've read your replies thoroughly. First, please understand this thread was driven by a lot of curiosity more than anything else. A highly underrated concern nowadays is privacy loss, probably more of a threat to many than malware when you have a well-secured machine and modern operating system. There were questions, from myself included, that touched on security software and hidden telemetry, harvesting user data from other sources such as Farbar, tattle-tailing on people with illegal software, and you have the picture. It's hard to come to the conclusions you've illustra
  9. Hi, 1PW. Thanks, the piracy protocol is well-received. Unfortunately, that is, like you said, a tiny fraction. I'm (we're) very curious! So, I'll look forward to additional responses by you or by staff! Thanks again!
  10. Hello everyone. Please excuse if this is not in the correct subforum. There is a discussion elsewhere about a separate link generated by Malwarebytes Corporation which is this: https://www.malwarebytes.com/copyright/ Here are the questions: 1. Why is this link separate on the web? Why is the policy not incorporated into these forums, like with a sticky? 2. What is the purpose of this link? Meaning: is the purpose of this copyright policy specifically to inform people not to post any copyrighted material on these forums without permission from the authors? Is that it?
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