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  1. Oh, it's believable. This level of response is what I expected from Malwarebytes, very similar to last year. They couldn't find the problem for several months then, either. The key phrase in the recent email sent by DCollins is "Unfortunately we've been unable to replicate this in house and have been unable to find the root cause with the information provided so far." The BSODs I've experienced have been on reputable news and information sites based in the US. Malwarebytes seems to be wanting to have the world change its websites to let its software perform correctly, instead of recognizing that they actually have caused this issue with their software update. If Malwarebytes has been unable to find the root cause after 2 months, they have not been looking too diligently. 2 months. 2 months.
  2. Well, I finally broke down today and turned real time protection off. Gattaca, due to your inability to reinstall 3.5.1, I am holding off on removing the current MBAM. DCollins, Malwarebytes process of keeping customers informed of progress and expected solutions is sub-par. Seems that nothing has changed in the last year on how Malwarebytes addresses issues.
  3. Have been traveling and away from the computer. Am back and had several BSODs, including a BSOD yesterday while I was away from the keyboard. So, the problem remains. FYI, I do not run ESET or RemotePC, and my Windows 10/NVIDIA/BIOS drivers/software are up to date. Does anyone at MBAM use Windows 10 with internet access? This is not happening on your computers where you can examine memory dumps? If it appears that MBAM is not to be updated in the very near future (this week), what software would you specifically recommend for malware protection? Or, do you recommend staying away from and that we go back to an earlier version of MBAM? Please provide a link to a stable software system of your recommendation. Thank you,
  4. Gattaca, are you saying you turned off web, exploit, malware, and ransomware real time protection? If so, I will do the same, having multiple BSODs the last few days. Did you try turning off only 1 or 2 of the protection settings? FYI, I have Windows 10 updates and Malwarebytes 3.5.1 Premium, and having the same issues. DCollins, any time estimate/expectation for addressing this? Thx
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