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  1. Oh, it's believable. This level of response is what I expected from Malwarebytes, very similar to last year. They couldn't find the problem for several months then, either. The key phrase in the recent email sent by DCollins is "Unfortunately we've been unable to replicate this in house and have been unable to find the root cause with the information provided so far." The BSODs I've experienced have been on reputable news and information sites based in the US. Malwarebytes seems to be wanting to have the world change its websites to let its software perform correctly, instead of recognizing that they actually have caused this issue with their software update. If Malwarebytes has been unable to find the root cause after 2 months, they have not been looking too diligently. 2 months. 2 months.
  2. Well, I finally broke down today and turned real time protection off. Gattaca, due to your inability to reinstall 3.5.1, I am holding off on removing the current MBAM. DCollins, Malwarebytes process of keeping customers informed of progress and expected solutions is sub-par. Seems that nothing has changed in the last year on how Malwarebytes addresses issues.
  3. Have been traveling and away from the computer. Am back and had several BSODs, including a BSOD yesterday while I was away from the keyboard. So, the problem remains. FYI, I do not run ESET or RemotePC, and my Windows 10/NVIDIA/BIOS drivers/software are up to date. Does anyone at MBAM use Windows 10 with internet access? This is not happening on your computers where you can examine memory dumps? If it appears that MBAM is not to be updated in the very near future (this week), what software would you specifically recommend for malware protection? Or, do you recommend staying away from and that we go back to an earlier version of MBAM? Please provide a link to a stable software system of your recommendation. Thank you,
  4. Gattaca, are you saying you turned off web, exploit, malware, and ransomware real time protection? If so, I will do the same, having multiple BSODs the last few days. Did you try turning off only 1 or 2 of the protection settings? FYI, I have Windows 10 updates and Malwarebytes 3.5.1 Premium, and having the same issues. DCollins, any time estimate/expectation for addressing this? Thx
  5. nikhils, I just signed onto the forum for the first time in a few weeks to provide an update on my recent experiences, and saw your posting above. All in all, no issues with Malwarebytes for the past week. I have been traveling for work a bit recently, so not online on my personal PC as much. I was continuing to have the same issues until a recent update, which could be the one you mention. While I have not been tracking closely, this appears to have addressed (fixed?) the issue of not being able to turn web protection back on after it self turned itself off. I have had one instance in the last week where I received a popup saying that web protection had turned itself off. I was ready to reboot the PC to reset it, but tried instead to turn it back on via the menu bar, and surprise, it worked. So, while I still see a number of other threads of continuing issues, at least I was able to reset the web protection module and avoid a reboot. For that I am thankful. It was always annoying to see that popup that protection was turned off when I was working on the PC, and had to close/restart. Thank you.
  6. Since December I have been experiencing issues and also trying various offered solutions, with essentially the same results, with layers turning themselves off after XX hours of operation. From the email postings, I am not alone. I am not running a strange system, have turned in log files, received no response, and am running the latest set of "try this", still experiencing the same issue. Just received an email that I need to renew my premium package, a standard accounting department billing statement. Only $25. When I sit back and think of this, all the issues that have been happening and continue to be happening, I have to wonder if this is worth it. The email makes no mention of the issues being experienced, or when a solution is expected to be found. One would think that malwarebytes (lower case only at this point) would at least indicate to their subscribers that yes, there is an issue that they can't figure out at this time. Maybe I have missed them saying that hey, we have no #@$#$ idea of what is happening, but we are responsible. Is it unreasonable to ask that malwarebytes NOT charge for renewal of their premium product until this is fixed? Provide a $ credit for the 4 months (and counting) this issue has been reoccurring? Offer an extension of existing service until they figure out what is actually broken in their software? Should they pay their subscriber base for being their beta testing department? Seems that malwarebytes is not yet sufficiently financially motivated to get this addressed. While I use malwarebytes as one of my layers of protection, the recent invoicing has made me sit back and wonder if someone is out to lunch. Best in class software doesn't respond to issues quite like this. Software packages are sometimes the best in class one year, and then get surpassed by others who are better at addressing the core needs. Enough venting. I would like to hear from other users and their opinions. And, if I choose not to renew, what are the current best in class performers that could potentially replace malwarebytes on my system.
  7. Sure seems that way. Had a "Web Protection off" issue again today, upon reboot had the same error PLUS Malware Protection off this time. That is a new feature added.
  8. Just FYI. If you go to the Malwarebytes News, the top posting is titled "Announcing Malwarebytes 3.0, a next-generation antivirus replacement." Arguing semantics about if it replaces Norton or Kasdpersky is somewhat pointless. Malwarebytes itself advertises anti-virus function capabilities. The fact that the Real-Time Protection Layers keep turning off is indicative of a problem. In all of their replies, including replies as of today, the advice is to submit logs for their analysis. That means they still don't have a solution. In the past few months, they should have been able to go through all of their code line by line to find the easter egg or feature causing this. All of us have different PC environments, so they should be looking at something fundamental that they added to their new code. If they can't solve the layers turning themselves off, how do they expect people to rely on their software as a next-generation antivirus replacement? Or, for that matter, much of anything else?
  9. Went checking through 45 pages on the Malwarebytes 3 forum, and the same type of issues have been occurring for the past 2 months. Extremely disappointing that there is no solution on the horizon, or even one promised. Had another "real time protection layers turned off" popup tonight, and will go through the same steps as before to get everything back up and running. From my perspective, I am not even sure that Malwarebytes acknowledges that they have problems with this release. The requests to provide logs, and then no responses, is frustrating. Seems that v3 sacrificed software stability in favor of exciting new features that can be marketed. Gotta love those people focused on product sales and pushing for software releases without adequate beta testing. As such, your users (ie, the ones who paid for the program) have been your defacto beta test group. Probably a cost effective solution for Malwarebytes. Am unsubscribing to this thread, will visit occasionally to see if anyone has come up with a solution. I may roll back to an earlier version, which did not have these issues.
  10. DCollins, Happened again today. Reboot and was able to turn Web Protection back on. Hope you are able to identify the issue soon. As there are quite a few people experiencing this issue, perhaps it is time to provide a heads-up on the progress (or lack thereof) in identifying the problem. logs.7z mb-checkResult.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. DCollins, It's been a few days since I've had this issue, which occurred again tonight. Here is a chronological event history: Due to the Web Protection turning itself off, I reinstalled Malwarebytes earlier this week. At that point, the Web Protection was turned on, like it should be. Looking through various threads, one suggested enabling the self protection module early start, so I enabled that earlier this week. I thought that was keeping the Web Protection module from turning itself off. At that point, it ran fine for about 4 days. Computer was on the entire time, did not shut it down, simply was using sleep mode. Then, surprise, tonight it turned off again, and while I tried to start it again, it just hung in limbo. Looking at the forum again, I saw one post that said to try disabling the self-protection mode and see if that helped. So, why not. I tried to disable the self protection mode, and surprise again, I was unable to actually disable the self protection mode. The little bitty button wouldn't slide over. So, again I removed and reinstalled After startup, all is working fine, and Web Protection is ON. I was going to follow your steps above to provide you some logs, but stopped at #6, as it seems that you are looking for logs that are showing something that is inhibiting the Web Protection module from starting. As my Malwarebytes is actually working correctly at the moment, I don't think collecting log files would do any good. Since enabling self protection module early start didn't seem to fix the problem earlier, I am leaving it turned off for now. Cheers.
  12. I spoke too soon. The Web Protection layer just turned itself off again, was not on the Internet, cannot restart without a reboot. Disappointing, this is.
  13. I downloaded the 3.0.6 yesterday, and no issues since then. This is looking promising. Thank you.
  14. Running Windows 10, with Malwarebytes version Usually after being on for awhile, I get a popup that a Real Time Protection Layer is turned off, which always turns out to be Web Protection. I've tried the Turn On button on the popup but it doesn't work, the popup just returns. On the Protection tab, once you move the slider, it says starting but then just hangs there. A reboot seems to address this for awhile, but then it comes back. Is this due to the computer going to sleep or what? I did have some problems in December between Malwarebytes and System Mechanic, but I reinstalled Malwarebytes and all seems to be well, except for this popup. Thoughts would be appreciated.
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