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  1. Hi, Sometime in the past 12 hours or so, MWB started flagging nextdns.io (again) as blocked due to malware/trojans. I was chatting with the owners about the service and it appears it's being blocked at the top-level domain b/c multiple IPs are flagged. This happened earlier in May too (just search for nextdns.io) in these forums. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have downloaded the beta. I uninstalled the regular version first, then clean booted. Then I installed the beta. The current status shows: 1.0.418 1.0.6303 FWIW, the OLDER non-beta version, even with the real-time web turned off did BSOD in NETIO.SYS right before I did this... Was using Firefox. It had been a while but I figured it was a sign to go ahead and load the beta! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for posting how to turn the "Protection Turned Off" notifications. That's helpful! TY.
  4. DCollins and the MWAB team, Thank you for the steady updates and continuing to work on this issue!
  5. With this last Windows 10 update, I've been seeing multiple BSOD from the NetIO.SYS driver just as you have reported. I am / was running the latest versions. The only way I've been able to calm the system is to disable all of the real-time scanners in Malwarebytes first page. I also had Malwarebytes Pro in a VM and it started do the same thing.. BSOD, BSOD. It trapped that machine so many times I had to remove Malwarebytes. Then I used the clean-mb tool to remove, reboot etc.. after that the BSOD stopped...but now I cannot reinstall malwarebytes. Getting a "Class not registered" error and I am using "Run as Admin".. Go figure. There is something definitely up between even the latest Malwarebytes Pro and this last Windows 10 update which I applied recently. I also run SAV, and Webroot and never had a problem. I've disabled those and they don't seem to be the culprit..
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