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  1. Hello--Sorry I'm very slow to complete this process. I'm ill. Responding to your suggestions: I did try exiting Malwarebytes; the same problem occurred again. I don't know how to turn off Protection Modules. I've attached the files you requested. Thank you for helping. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. My Malwarebytes Premium offers an Exclusions tab. One pre-set possibility listed is my AVG updater. Apparently by default, it is not checked. I am concerned that Malwarebytes might somehow disable all or part of my updates, as it appears that AVG's automatic updates have not been occurring for months. Whenever I check the AVG updater box on the Exclusions tab, nothing like an "OK" or "Apply" button appears. If I click another tab, then return to Exclusions, the box has been unchecked. I tried using "Add exclusion" to specify it, but nothing happened. What's going on? How do I do this rig
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