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  1. Thanks for the feedback - Maurice I have completed the activation process and certainly under advanced settings all boxes are ticked as highlighted in your post. As mentioned in my response I have got MBAM to start at boot by including a short cut within the user start-up. Do you think this will suffice or will it compromise the application in some way?
  2. Thanks both for the welcome. Firstly, Daledoc - I licence MBAM Primum and just assumed (as it appears on my Win 7 laptop) that MB Anti-Exploit was part of the bundle. So to be clear MBAM is the only app running on the Win 10 PC. Secondly Maurice, thanks for the nav tips - I've managed to start the programme manually in this way. Since posting, I've managed to get MBAM to start at boot stage by including a short-cut to the .exe within the roaming apps start-up folder. It's a work-around but not sure if this is the long term answer - please advise. I will run the reports as post later. Thanks
  3. I have just ungraded to Windows 10 and Anti-Malware Premium is failing to load automatically on start-up. I have followed all the steps listed elsewhere in this forum - removing completely and reinstalling (3 times). I'm also running MBAM on a windows 7 laptop and the notiable differences are on the Windows 10 PC I cannot find the anti-exploit folder in the program files and neither MBAM or the Anti-exploit appear in the start-up system config screen and under the start up services tab the scheduler and service options are stopped.
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