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  1. Thank you, Devin Collins, for such quick action on this. When I started my computer this morning I received no notifications about riskware in NordVPN. I even changed servers a couple of times and there were no notifications associated with that activity as well. Carl
  2. For the past day, Malwarebytes has been blocking a portion of NordVPN.com because of "Riskware". More specifically, it is blocking outgoing communication with "applytics.zwyr157wwiu6eior.com". The alert will show a few times when NordVPN is connecting to a server and then it will not alert again until I am connecting to a new/different VPN server. As far as I can tell, NordVPN has not updated recently so nothing should have changed in the nordvpn.com file. Can help me understand what's going on here? I've attached the log files. Carl mbst-grab-results.zip
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