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  1. here is the logs of the scans i done last week, and today. it took around an hour to get everything downloaded and things because the computer worked so slowly. thanks Joe Log 1 MBAM.txt Log 2 MBAM.txt
  2. Hi! Thank you for your reply. Im away with work so it'll be Monday evening GMT that I'll be able to follow this up. Thanks again Joe
  3. hopefully to save you guys some time, ive attached a farbar log. it crashed the first time but worked the second cheersFRST.txt
  4. hi there, Joe again. im currently using my mums computer, it was built by my dad who passed away years ago, its a really old machine, it runs windows xp sp3 and its incredibly slow and virtually unusable, im not sure if thats due to the age of the machine though or the amount of stuff my mum has probably built up from being naive online! MBAM just showed some PUPS, scanned in safe mode, but often MBAM and other programs wont even open (the computer seems alot quicker in safe mode) if anyone could help me get a definitive answer that'd be much appreciated! thanks Joe
  5. I'm getting connection problems, sometimes pages say they have timed out
  6. Its okay. Took away Norton and all seems to be good so far!
  7. Internet Explorer can still only be accessed through iexplore It opens the browser then just closes Norton 360 comes up with an error at launch and won't open after that. Says error is 8504 104, if that's of any help. If it's of any use at all, there may have been a power surge a few weeks ago before the laptop was playing up. Although I doubt this is anything to do with it. Running an MBAM scan just now too. Any help would be great Thanks
  8. Haven't had the chance to look at it yet due to work, will let you know tonight. Had that malware hidden/removed the Internet browsers?
  9. Whilst running Zoek I got a pop up saying das21 has stopped working
  10. Couldn't remove Claro, the message "The windows installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if the windows installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance. " Will continue with the rest of the steps and post an update
  11. here is the logs you requested. like I say this is my girlfriend's laptop so any issues or anything that shouldn't bethere please let me know and ill sort it thanks Joe FRST_14-12-2015_23-07-32.txt Addition_14-12-2015_23-07-32.txt
  12. Thanks for your speedy response. I'll get that posted up from her laptop in the next view hours. In terms of torrents or whatever, I done my best to make sure their is none on her laptop, but if you come across anything on the logs please let me know and ill remove it immediately. Cheers Joe
  13. Hi! I'm a long time MBAM user, but I'm actually here on behalf of my girlfriend who isn't great with computers. One day the computer had an error, wouldn't boot without going to Blue screen, I managed to system restore, but since then, all of her browsers are gone and we can't get them back. Run MBAM and it's picking up nothing, I can access IE in safe mode only through iexplore but it takes ages to load and when it does it says "Your Semantic Security Product has reset your home page after a threat" (she has Norton installed too) I know I'll probably have to post logs and stuff which is okay,
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