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  1. I am unable to open Malwarebytes, Avast, VirusTotal, McAfee(Would never use), Kaspersky, etc. I have downloaded Malwareytes of Techspot to get around this issue, I have removed around 30 trojans, malware, and backdoors but I am still unable to open the Malwarebytes main website. I try updating the Malwarebytes application but it says it cant connect, Malwarebytes also detected that the Windows Update had some issues and when I checked the windows update said, "Something Went Wrong. Try to reopen Settings later." Something had installed 7Zip 2 days ago which I have removed. My youtube account had also been hacked and a "Valorant Hacks" video was posted on my channel (this is now unlisted). How do I fix this, and is it some malware causing this? I had just recently reset my windows from a different malware attack because I have not restored my subscription for an Anti-Virus. Update* After trying to use the support tool to update Malwarebytes it cancelles after it finishes updating.
  2. Find attached file. Original download site http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=458120 winamp59_9999_rc1_full_en-us.zip
  3. Hi Malwarebyte Forum, Just before anything else i just want to thank anyone for spending your time to read this post. I Just wondering if someone can help me with my current issue where someone remoted access my laptop, trying to use my paypal while i'm away from it. I'm not sure how long this person have acess to my laptop or if he have install anything malicious on my system but the one thing i know is that malwarebyte detect that someone trying to use Netsupport Manager specifically "Client32.exe" to remote acess my laptop. I came to this conclusion because this is not a new issue on this forum because i stumble upon an old posting: To futher give you guys more context to this issue malwarebyte also notify me ever 5-10 minute that my computer is pinging or somone is pinging my computer from this specific domain and IP through "Client32.exe". Here the attachment that i follow from the last posting about thiss issue where i need to provide a few attachment which i will link down below. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt FRST.txt Malwarbytes Scan.txt
  4. This virus or malware I have keeps running a cmd panel and closes my chrome tabs. After that my default search engine switches to bing. I've ran multiple virus scanners and one of them said it might be a DNS Hijack. I've tried a ton of things. I've ran adwcleaner and it seems to not find anything. I did microsoft offline scanner which cleaned it for a few minutes, then it just came back. adwcleaner dosen't recognise anything for some reason. I've even deleted it from task manager and control panel. I don't know what to do and I feel it might be taking my information or trying to send me to a phishing website. adwcleaner found 8 total detections and quarantined and cleared them. I don't have the log for the detections but I think I remember a PUP file in there, but it could've been unrelated.
  5. All this started when i was looking for cheats/Trainers for a game i was playing. Turned out that trainer was a malware. This malware redirects all my Chrome search bar searches to http://ursearch.net. which according to Google is a malware redirect. I have done everything YouTube videos have told me to do. The solutions i looked online always lead me to download or buy dubious software (Spyhunter, Hitman Pro etc. ) which , as you guessed it, does nothing to remove this malware. Yes i have Windows Defender and MalwareBytes which are useless so far. What makes this malware unique is that it sticks to my Google account. I have cleaned the cookies, history, autofill, passwords, extensions, basically every human trace on my google account in Chrome browser. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. But no matter what, my clean uninfected Chrome browser gets infected the moment i login with my google account. I am sure this is not a device issue, since when i login to chrome at my work place computer , the malware comes along. The same with laptops. I could come to your house, login to your Chrome browser with my account and bring this malware to your device. How can i remove this? Is deleting my google account the only solution?
  6. Hi, This is going to be a long description so please bear with me. Yesterday(On 30th May 2022) at around 5 pm, I downloaded a software "GCleaner" which turned out to be a Malware app. I immediately disconnected my internet after I realised that it's a Malware. My anti virus didn't detect it earlier. But after some time, when I connected my internet connection, I started getting a notification from my antivirus saying "Threat secured, We've safely aborted connection on because it was infected with URL:Blacklist" and my pc got into an unending restarting loop. It's stopped restarting when I deactivated my antivirus and disconnected the pc from internet. Then I searched for the malicious app in the control panel but it was not listed there. I searched on Google regarding this malware and found that it's probably a rootkit malware. I found some relatable posts in the community asking us to install FRST64, AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes. I installed all those apps and run FRST first and In the FRST and Addition files, I found that exactly at 17:07 some files were created in my pc which are highly questionable. I then ran Malwarebytes and found some malwares detected in my pc. I quarantined them and ran the scan once again. I didn't detect anything this time. After that I ran AdwCleaner and found out that there some PUP.Optional.Legacy Trovi.com virus in my Chrome browser. I tried quarantining them. I showed that the virus has been removed but when I scan again, I found out that it's getting detected once again. So, I had to manually remove it. After all these steps, I ran FRST again. But I found the questionable files were not removed. This time I tried removing them manually in the explorer. All but 2 of those files were removed. One of the file was 4y63267.sys and it was situated in the System32\drivers folder. This file is read and write protected so it doesn't delete even using cmd in safemode. Everytime I tried deleting, it shows Access is denied. I even tried TronScript, Unlocker and boot disks to delete it but this file isn't even detected there. Another file is in System32\Tasks\Service. Please help me remove these remaining 2 malwares. I am attaching all the latest scan reports here: Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Report.txt AdwCleaner.txt
  7. Hopefully someone can help me to determine if my computer has a security issue. Yesterday morning, Malwarebytes blocked 25 attempted outbound connections during a time that I wasn't using my computer. Info: File: C:|Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Category: Malware Port: 443 IP Address: Type: Outbound Connection Here is the detailed log information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -FinnyD Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 5/30/22 Protection Event Time: 9:30 AM Log File: d7aa8012-e035-11ec-86fd-08d40c8bc701.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1689 Update Package Version: 1.0.55574 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 19044.1706) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe, Blocked, -1, -1, 0.0.0, , -Website Data- Category: Malware Domain: IP Address: Port: 443 Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe (end)
  8. As soon as I insert my hard drive (corrupted with some pirate softwares but cannot delete, too slow), it installs the same pirated software directly onto my Applications folder, every time without fail. Then my cursor kind of becomes laggy and some bits on my google chrome (scroll, select and etc) gets modified on its own. Right now, it's fine since I've disconnected the hard drive forcefully. I'm not so sure how to go about this since it stores many of my important history of work, other files and so on. Will I even be able to retrieve those files- or will I ever be able to fix this corrupted hard drive ever? Previously my macbook pro was incredibly slow until I found installd on Terminal, running the CPU up to 235% or something similar like that and everything was fine after having had it force quit. I also wonder if your product can detect any mac bootkits/rootkits. If they exist also on mac os.
  9. Lately, I installed a shady .exe. My info was all stolen, but i have changed all my account passwords so I think I am fine currently. But lately like every 12 hours im getting a RTP detection like Riskware, Adware, Trojan. I need help.
  10. Hello, I have just done a malware scan where 8 items were detected but few of them failed to be removed. I want to remove all of them. Below I have attached the scan Report. Scan Report.txt
  11. Can anyone confirm that MWB premium protects from the infection methods mentioned in the articles quoted here. I am most concerned about the "file-less malware" that can hide in the Windows event logs, and gets executed and is then obfuscated. I understand from the Kaspersky article that it often starts with the download of an infected RAR file, so hopefully the first stage can be easily covered? Here is the initial article: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/kaspersky-fileless-malware-windows-event-logs/ This one is the in-depth initial report from SecureList that it references: https://securelist.com/a-new-secret-stash-for-fileless-malware/106393/
  12. Hello. I never thought it would happen to me but guess it did. Yesterday afternoon i turned on my computer only to get greeted by a popup after it would boot into windows. The popup stated: "You are about to be logged off. Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restard automatically in one minute. Please save your work now.". I am quite experienced with using computers but not that much around this malware/virus category, i knew that it was some sort of malware from the start, the source of it i am unsure of though, mostly because i havent been downloading anything or opening any weird emails, i dont really get those anyways for the past weeks. I do have BitDefender installed but i had no help from it or any sort of prompt regarding this issue. After 1 minute the system either reboots and gives me the same error over and over again or logs me off and then i get the windows screensaver having to reboot manually in order to try again. During this time i cant open anything, task manager or any sort of program, nothing. Canceling the restart with commands doesnt work either. Also during this 1 minute, the options "Restart" and "Sleep" are greyed out, i cant press on them. What i truly find weird is that sometimes instead of getting me straight to windows i get asked for a password although i never set a password. Funny enough the password is "pass" but the problem is that by the time it actually gets to the desktop the minute passes and it restarts. It is worth mentioning that the first couple of reboots i did NOT get that lock screen asking for a password. After around 6/7 restarts it happens. Also sometimes it appears sometimes it doesnt. I am currently running Windows 7 because the hardware inside is meant to be machine that can play 2000's games without any compatibility issues. I am aware support for Windows 7 is over and that Windows 10 is safer. As far as i know any MalwareBytes software cant run off an usb drive, please correct me if i am wrong, i am willing to try it because it had helped me in the past. I will list what i have tried so far and did not work: None of the Safe Modes works, i get the same popup foillowed by the restart Opening task manager and it crashes like all the programs that i try to open In the 1 minute that i have find the "Auto-restart" option that Windows has and uncheck it and it doesnt work Most CMD lines that i tried do not work or aren't able to be completed due to the limited time I have tried booting the Kaspersky Rescue Tool which scanned all the drives in the computer, found some viruses, removed them and the problem persisted I have tried booting the Avast Rescue Disk and it didnt boot at all I have tried using ESET SysRescue Live tool and out of all the tools i used this one seemed to take a deeper look trying to find malware, i have used it mostly on the C drive and part of the second 2 drives and it had found nothing, the problem persisted I am currently using Avira Rescue System i have started a whole computer scan and i will check it when i get home although my hopes are pretty low at this point I cannot run any exe on inside windows, all the software that i have specified above were directly installed on a usb drive as an .iso. I am looking to either fix it temporarily and installing windows again when i have some time on my hands and finding out more about this issue if possible in order to well learn more about this part of computers and how how to avoid it.
  13. The problem seemed to have stopped for now. But, I am not fully convinced. The last 3 weeks or so, I have experienced unusual activities on my iPhone and my email. I've been receiving unrequested password reset email attempts and I have been constantly changing my passwords for several sites and services. I am sure it is a virus. It could be malware or another kind of virus that I am not aware of. For security purposes, I am using my backup email address to write this thread. The hacker has successfully changed my passwords on services such as Epic Games Launcher, EA Games Launcher and I think Outlook email. Luckily, I have been able to change passwords from Outlook and EGL, but not EAGL. I have also implemented 2-step verification for my email, which is very important. Within that 3 week timeframe, I have received an email from the hacker saying they have my information and can expose me. I looked it up online (the nature of the email) and it seems to be common for people to receive that as it is a scare tactic. Talking about how they think I watch adult content and have my information. What creeped me out is that they wrote my password on that email, but it was a former password. It seems to be common in those emails. I also noticed that the hacker has sent spam email to many contacts from my OWN email address. I don't even know how that is possible. I am using Windows 10 on my laptop. I have not yet upgraded my OS. I just read that I definitely should update it as malware tends to infiltrate in computers that have outdated OS. I am using the latest OS on my iPhone 8 and I am using the Outlook app on my iPhone. For my laptop, I am using the Inbox Live program (which is Outlook). Overall, should I do a full backup of my files and reset my laptop completely? Should I upgrade to the latest OS of Windows 11? What should I do? PS: I have scanned my laptop several times with Malwarebytes and it hasn't detected any malware or unusual activity. Thank you
  14. So last week I decided to download uTorrent because I needed it for some downloads. Afterwards, my entire pc was slowed down. I did a malwarebytes check and it told me that uTorrent was the problem. I uninstalled uTorrent and everything that I had downloaded with it. Nonetheless, is my PC still extremely slow and it doesn't show anything in task manager. New tests don't detect any malware and I can't figure out what the problem is, and how this could be solves. I also find it weird that there is hardly any hate on uTorrent while it is so bad for your PC. The issues I am talking about are just that (I'm guessing) my CPU is damaged. In games I get less than half of my normal fps, and after doing a user benchmark I found out that my CPU is really really bad. I am willing to reset my entire PC if that is needed. I really wish that someone can help me out with this issue and I look forward to an answer!
  15. Hello, I recently got a new laptop for work. It worked fine for a few days. But after using it for a while the Disk Usage has gone to 100% without anything going on in the background. It's a new laptop so I haven't installed a lot of softwares on it. Mostly it's all that came by default. I ran a MalwareBytes Scan and did not get any detections at all. But even the MalwareBytes scan took 100% disk usage to run. (Screenshot attached) Not only that, even my CPU and memory are going somewhat over the normal percentages as far as I know. Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks a lot. I have attached the FRST scans as well. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  16. Hello so recently I installed a file heres the file: DavinciResolve17f (mediafire.com) this file is definitely a malware. So after installing this file i ran a exe in the file and windows defender detected a trojan but it couldn't do anything else after clicking on 'start actions'. The pc also became VERY SLOW so shutdown the pc and now im in safe mode. I tried many antivirus software but everything showed no detections. I have tried malwarebytes,sophos,kaspersky,avast,emsisoft. so what do i do now because whenever i boot into windows 10 normally its very slow and my pc is quite fast. So I dont know if i actually have a malware or for some reason the pc is slow. Ihave attached the FRST log files Please help me. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  17. Playing Path of Exile the last couple days. Upon loading into a new area or "map", I get either a Trojan or Malware event notification with a "Blocked Website" action. I've attached both logs and the executable that it's indicating. Nothing reported on my scan. It's only when loading into particular areas. Other area/map loads have no issues. Running application through Steam. Blocked action is consistent upon trying to enter the Tier 3 "Beach" map. PathOfExileSteam.zip poe mal.txt poe troj.txt
  18. I've been trying to remove a trojan and malware since last night. unfortunately after using the programs I left attached, "RTP detenction" notifications of both malware and trojans always arrive from malwarebytes. Yesterday I think I fixed also backdoor related problems, but they were already in quarantine and deleted. Sry for my english :
  19. I've got rid of a virus thanks to Malwarebytes. However, I keep having a notification popping up and unknown 4 pages everytime i start my pc. Here is a screenshot. How do I get rid of it? It's pretty annoying! ps. my english is not good. if i misunderstand something you can always ask me to rewrite. Thank you!
  20. Hello! I deleted my trash the other day and has happened to me twice that some random files re appear in trash after deletion, does this have to di with malware or just a simple bug?
  21. Hello, my laptop has started freezing occasionally, especially when playing games. To me, this seems like a sign of malware being present in my laptop. I use Windows 10 Home (64-bit). The freezing started all of a sudden. Anyway, I used the procedures described here and here to scan for threats and collect logs. I've attached those logs to this post. I would appreciate any help in making my laptop malware-free. Thanks in advance. Malwarebytes-scan-log-12.16.2021.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  22. Hello, in your previous forum posts, you asked a friend who has malware on his computer to send the Farbar log records. Could you take a look at my records, please? If there is a problem, can you also indicate how I can solve it with steps? Thank you and have a nice day. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  23. This started around an hour ago, where AVG randomly gave me a notice telling me it blocked a threat from wpad. But I can't figure out where that malware is coming from, or how to stop it, I haven't downloaded anything recently, other than word documents and pdfs for university. Can someone pls help me get fix this?( there is an option to create an exception for these but I'm not sure that's the best thing to do)
  24. Ive had this Assurance wireless lifeline phone since May 25, 2021. Almost immediately I would do a search for something and be redirected to at first it was some mobile Game site. Then after trying to set Chrome and Google both as my homepage it redirects me to a page URL g21news. I don't know how to disable this redirect. I see where others with the same Assurance Wireless phones are having the same issue. These phones are cheaper phones but usable for someone who can't afford a better phone such as myself. It has too many applications that there is no way I can find to uninstall. Google Messages, Amazon Shopping are two very large apps that take up much needed space on such a small capacity phone. I can force stop the apps and disabled auto updates but Afterwards they continue to re-enable and I am unable to install smaller apps I want due to lack of space. I need help fixing this phone especially the redirect. It keeps popping up and I cannot get to the site I have searched for. I Was signed up for the Emergency Broadband program with Assurance and after a month I suddenly have no minutes as I was placed back on the 1000 minutes lifeline plan by Assurance even though nothing had changed in my income or qualification. I think it's great we have access to these government phones during the Covid pandemic but now I have got an unuseable phone. If anyone has any idea of a fix for the g21news redirect please help me. You can email me at marytidefan613@gmail.com.
  25. the problem began 2-3 days ago, I believe a Malware came with a game that I downloaded from a Non-Official Site, it has been using up my CPU and GPU crazy as listed above, I installed Malwarebytes and I even Reset my Windows But to No Avail, none of this helped. Is there anything I can do to fix this? One more thing I wish to note is that Malwarebytes recently showed up a notification Mentioning The Following:
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