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  1. Thank you! I heard this being a virus, but good to know that it is false positive!
  2. Hmm, seems that this COM Surrogate isn't a virus, I looked to a website where they find viruses and document them, COM Surrogate was in there and I noticed it, but now in further investigation, Others say "it is just a typical dllhost.exe". This is starting to weird me out...
  3. Alright! Now it is working! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. When I press it, error shows up, directing to a page https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?
  5. Sorry, but how do I attach a file to a post?
  6. And also, When I ran HitmanPro 3.7.9, it reported FRST64.exe being suspicious.
  7. I tried downloading it (64 bit version), and my windows says that it is dangerous? My downloads might be broken, or infected!
  8. Hey, I have heard about this "COM Surrogate", and it seems that I am infected... I noticed it being in my processes, and popping up again when I stopped it, after a while of course. I am really worried that my personal information might go to the wrong hands, And I am not sure can Malware Bytes see it. Just in case, if Malware bytes Doesn't find it, I have located its "homeplace", the dllhost.exe in the System32 folder, so I am not going to touch it. I have gathered some information so far: Size of it 19 264 bytes. (dllhost.exe) Size (on disk) 20 480 bytes. (dllhost.exe) "How it behaves" For my knowledge, it just pops up in my Tasks. If I don't do anything, it will disappear, after a while, re-appear. Infected file(s?): - dllhost.exe [C:\Windows\System32\] Process name: "COM Surrogate" Currently programs ran with it: Adwcleaner (4.206) Malware bytes [Free] RKill Avast (Latest) Can anybody help me with this current situation? I am really worried!
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