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  1. Hello, I'd like to help my elderly friend who is having popups all the time, which appear to be from the WishApp. I talked her through disabling notifications, etc in Windows 10, as well as in the Chrome browser. I found a removal guide for the WishApp at the link below. http://www.malwareremovalguides.info/remove-wishapp/ My question, is whether or not this is a good removal guide? My friend does not have a laptop, and at the present time I am recovering from a total joint replacement surgery. Therefore, I do not have access to the computer myself. Unfortunately, my elderly friend has a hard enough time with basic computer funcions. I am hoping to talk them through instructions by phone. Please advise. Thank you, Julie
  2. Olá, sempre quando ligo meu Computador e faço uma varredura com ADWCleaner ele encontra um PUP: PUP.Optional.22ChromeEXT Como posso estar removendo ? Help !
  3. I'm running Windows 10 and primarily use Chrome. I have blocked website reports for "minisrclink.cool" and my computer is obviously infected with something so I assume it's that adware. My homepage hasn't been effected and I don't see any strange programs on my computer or extensions on my chrome browser. Whatever it is has drastically slowed my computer and my destop often disapears(goes blank, no start menu, only the programs that were maximazed at the time are available unless I do something like act like I'm going to save the webpage which brings up explorer and then opening folders that way) and I have to log out or restart to get it to come back. Seems like I need a custom file to use FBST. The more I read, the more confused I am. Seems like there are multiple ways to get rid of it. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I need to get rid of KMS-r@1n and other kits that come along with it. Due to KMS and the Microsoft Software Protection Platform, my laptop's running slow as they're taking up too much RAM. Please show me to the steps to remove KMS. Thank you in advance.
  5. So I’ve read other forums on this website on how to remove the “Miner.Bitcoinminer Activity 7” that norton keeps popping up, I’ve read other forums and followed what they did but I’m not sure if I did it right, it would be helpful if i could get help from a professional or similar, on the side note I have windows.
  6. I just downloaded Malwarebytes Premium Trial. I scanned my PC then it found 10 threats. Some of my applications giving an error message which gives code 0xc0000005. I attached a screenshot. I did research about it and saw some solutions. I clicked control panel on Windows 10. It opened but Malwarebytes said trojan blocked. I didn't get it first because I closed pop up. Then I closed the Control Panel and restarted my PC. After logging in, I saw a pop-up from Malwarebytes again. Then I started seeing it frequently. (Now, again. I opened Malwarebytes for taking SS's then, pop-up again...) And I can make mistakes while writing because I learning English still. Sorry if I made mistakes.
  7. Hi! There are two processes in my windows 10 that are worrying me. The first is the KMS Connection Broker, which opens and closes at all times, always for a few seconds. My connection is quite slow, the downloads that happened at 1mb / s are now slowing down to about 50kb / s. Can this process contain a virus? I have already identified and deleted the KMS-R@1n logs following information from the forum, but this KMS Connection can not resolve in any way. Can it be related to the slow downloads? The other is Runtime Broker. I understand it's a windows process, but it's behaving strangely. It is taking up many MBs of memory and is running in processes and apps (which I do not even use!) Like: Microsoft Pay, Microsoft Store, Search, Windows Shell, People ... I've gone through all the anti-virus, anti-malware, registry error brokers, and nothing was found. Can you tell if it's a virus, a keylogger, or something? Are these processes 100% secure?
  8. With this new update issue over the weekend I have a machine that won't boot. Can only get into safe mode where the uninstall program or fixer executable don't work. How do I manually uninstall Endpoint Protection or uninstall from safe mode?? Don't want to reload the whole machine just because of some issue with MWB.
  9. I have a i7 with 32 GB ram running Windows 10 latest. Recently, accessing files on my SSD has been extremely SLOW, it's slower than a mechanical hard drive. My browsing has been slow. When multi-tasking, my computer mysteriously slows down. Generally, everything slow down to last gen machine. My Q6600 felt much faster than my i7. I play with numerous settings, update driver software, replacing hardware components, nothing helps. Today, thanks to MBAM kills my machine by eating all my RAM, I decided to remove it until they fix it. The side effect is that my machine is now back alive with performance I expected with no other issues what so ever! When I searched the RAM issue, I realized that MBAM has been slowing down computers in the past and I would not have thought about it without today's RAM issue. Hopefully MBAM will have a newer patch than today's to fix not only the RAM leak issue but also performance issue. Looking forward to install MBAM again.
  10. When I am in Malwarebytes (v Settings Tab ->Exclusions, currently when I Remove an Exclusion (while checked) the exclusion does not disappear from my exclusions tab. This leads me to believe the exclusion has not actually been removed. I still am not sure which is true. Windows 10 Professional x64 Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version: 1.0.3545 Current DT: 12/22/2017 CST (Partially obscured "Exclusions" tab: when I remove an exclusion it should disappear from the exclusions tab if it is indeed being removed from malwarebytes "Exclusions".) Thank you!
  11. Need instructions for getting rid of pup.homepagehelper Windows 8.1 64 bit, latest version of IE. So I created an acct on my laptop for my 23-year-old daughter when she moved in w/me last summer. A month or so after this, my laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite L55-B5237 MS Windows Product ID: 00258-61735-71026-AAOEM Serial Number: ZE109414C Processor: Intel Core i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.60 GHz OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit Began running IE REAL slow. I only use IE for FB - so I thought it was FB causing the problem (Firefox is my main browser). I used to run Kaspersky... Changed over to Avira several months ago. I update windows promptly every time there's a critical update. Also run CCleaner (64 bit - didn't get hit w/the hijack) whenever I uninstall programs. MWB reports homepagehelper after every time I use IE. I've deleted my daughter's account, visited Control Panel <Programs and Applications> and IE isn't listed - so apparently I can't uninstall and then reinstall it. I cleared the cache, cookies, and everything else I could find. Then I set ALL the security options to <don't allow>. GREAT! Rebooted, started IE, scanned w/MWB - no issues. Of course, I couldn't do anything in IE that I use it for... Thanks in advance for any help. Big_Lew
  12. Hi, malwarebytes is blocking this domain and somehow marked it as suspicious. Domain is tested via virustotal and sitecheck sicuri, here are results: https://www.virustotal.com/hr/url/4aa27687e7481d6bedf6ae726b365b8dbef0a81e7b8fb48ef590063466264e28/analysis/1506059793/ https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/rapidtrk.net Log is in attachment also. This domain contains 1x1 pixel image serving for analytics. Nothing is fake there and for no apparent reason all sites using this pixel are blocked. Can we resolve this please, asap? Thank you in advance. malwarebytes_log.txt
  13. Hello, before all, sorry if my english is bad. I've downloaded antimalwarebytes to find something wrong in my notebook because i'm having problems in some games and in web surfing. the scan showed me four malwares but i can't remove them and i'm scared to remove important files from my pc for error. i've followed the instructions of the topic "I'm infected - What do I do now?" and i'm now posting the results of the scans FRST and Additions. I hope you can help me, thank you. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. Hi, My issue is the same as almost everyone else here. I have MB Pro and just updated to the latest edition. Now, I get a "Cannot connect to service" error notice when I try to open it. And I cannot uninstall it. I have used MBAM-clean and it does nothing. When can we expect this issue to be fixed? Thanks, Paul
  15. I downloaded Malwarebytes Ran the scan and clicked to remove malware--then it stopped working! Have been unable to start it since then (March 4) AND HAVE HAD NO REAL HELP FROM SUPPORT AT MALWAREBYTES. When I try to start the program, I get an error message saying, "unable to connect." When I try uninstalling it, Windows 10 disallows me and shows the error message attached.
  16. A few days ago my Malwarebytes Premium was updated to the latest version. After upgrading i ran a full update and scan. Next restart Malwarebytes was unable to connect to Service, resulting in a error (unable to connect to service) I wanted to reinstall, but Malware won't let me uninstall, not via the included uninstall feature, not via windows uninstall programms, not via the uninstall tool provided by Malwarebytes Error is: File C:\Programm Files\Malwarebytes|Anti-Malware\unins000.dat can not be opened. Can't uninstall I have, by hand, added nearly all .exe files i could find in Malwarebytes to include as a trusted prograam in my firewall. I have sended a support form to Malware bytes and don't get an answer (so far) In all: highly frustrating, i'm not protected at this time and really ran out of options Is there anything i should do or can do to solve this. I'm really, really stuck here Running Win 10 and i'm not a PC gooroo
  17. Hello there, I have an adwear problem and currently trying to remove it. I ran Malwarebytes and find the issues stated below. However when I ask it to remove them it gets stuck trying to do so and can not finish the process. Second photo is showing where it gets stuck. If i only select to remove one thing then it gets stuck there. Using operation system OS X 10.8.5 Malwarebytes version
  18. The paid soccer streaming service http://fubo.tv is blocked. I have to exclude the IPs and to access it.
  19. Hello, I have clear my website from bad files. Please can you remove it from your list. My website is www.cactusweb.gr and ip is
  20. So basically Everytime malwarebytes scans my pc I get these same messages but I don't know for sure if I should delete hijack.hostifle in drivers folder. Is it safe to delete them? Thank you for your time report.txt
  21. A site named l.mediaaserver.org continues to be blocked by Malwarebytes, and it is a site which I believe has been causing me problems anyway. However, the notifications that it has been blocked are getting annoying and I would like to block or remove it from my computer completely. I was wondering how to do this or what I should do in this situation.
  22. Hey, I have heard about this "COM Surrogate", and it seems that I am infected... I noticed it being in my processes, and popping up again when I stopped it, after a while of course. I am really worried that my personal information might go to the wrong hands, And I am not sure can Malware Bytes see it. Just in case, if Malware bytes Doesn't find it, I have located its "homeplace", the dllhost.exe in the System32 folder, so I am not going to touch it. I have gathered some information so far: Size of it 19 264 bytes. (dllhost.exe) Size (on disk) 20 480 bytes. (dllhost.exe) "How it behaves" For my knowledge, it just pops up in my Tasks. If I don't do anything, it will disappear, after a while, re-appear. Infected file(s?): - dllhost.exe [C:\Windows\System32\] Process name: "COM Surrogate" Currently programs ran with it: Adwcleaner (4.206) Malware bytes [Free] RKill Avast (Latest) Can anybody help me with this current situation? I am really worried!
  23. hi I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Trial) installed and have 2 questions. 1.) How to remove all quarantined Trojans? 2.) Does it exist a FREEWARE and not Trial version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?
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