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  1. I have mbam set to check for updates every hour. How large are these updates? Also where are they stored on my computer? I'm using windows 7.
  2. Will there be any problems if I run both MBAM 3 and Avast free with each of their web shield protection on?
  3. Hi Cecile, Yes, it's still slow has been for a week now.
  4. When I use this forum it's very slow moving from one page to the other. Firefox 50 even shows that it's not responding sometimes. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?
  5. When you update MBAM 3.0 from within the program itself are the updates incremental or full updates. I mean when you update do you have to download the full file all over again or just what has changed since the last update? Also where are the program updates and definition files updates stored on the computer? Are these files very large? What are names of these files?
  6. When I try to update from beta 2 to beta 3 from within the program it freezes and I have to kill it. What's wrong with it and is anyone else having this problem?.
  7. When you upgrade from one version (2.1.4) to the next (2.1.6) through the UI is the download a incremental one or the full version?
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