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  1. This morning , I uninstalled MBAE. Since then, this problem of WScipt showing errors vide Error 1000 has stopped. I was getting fed up of that stupid Microsoft Window appearing, every now and then and asking me to send information to Microsoft and that when Solutions are available [ as though ever !! ], they would appear in my Action Centre. So my only turn around was to uninstall MBAE. Well so far that error has stopped appearing in my Event Viewer and my Laptop is back to its normal speed to load Programs which I require. Now I am waiting for 1:05. Could you send me a Beta/Preview version to test it please. Thanking you. Anshi
  2. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.Whilst on the subject, I must inform you that a couple of days ago, my Computer went off due to power failure. I have, since then run cd\ chkdsk c: /r to repair any corrupt files. This morning, I have received errors not only as mbae64 being the faulting module name but also from wshom.ocx version 5.8.7601.18283 [ Faulting module path ~ C\Windows\ System32\wshom.ocx ] for the same Application error in WScript. Summing up, I don't think MBAE, alone is the only cause of this application error. However, I wish to inform you that I have again run Chdsk to repair corrupt files. So far my computer is Okay. I personally feel, perhaps the power outage could be the main reason why these files have become corrupt and leading to errors. I shall give you further information should the errors come again. Thanking you. Anshi.
  3. This is my first post in MalwareBytes Forum, I had been using MBAE Beta for quite sometime till I discovered the latest version 1:04:1:1012 yesterday. I immediately downloaded this version in the same folder as the Beta version, my parttion D Drive. Thereafter, in the Event Viewer, I got the following error Faulty Application Name W Script exe. version 5.8.7601.19283 Faulty Module Name mbae64. dll_unloaded version Faultin Application Path C:\Windows\System32\W Script exe. Faultin Module Path mbae64.dll Event ID 1000 Level Error Task Category {100} I thought this problem arose since I didn't uninstall the Beta version earlier before downloading the new version. So I again uninstalled MBAE and then again downloaded the above version. The following things have been observed by me now. 1.All my batch files and W Scripts which used to work fast, have now slowed down by a couple of seconds. 2.The frequency of the above errors have come down, but nonetheless, still appear in my Event Viewer. Even my Reliability Monitor indicates this as an error and thereafter all my batch files/ Wscipts [ which are activated by my Schedule Task ] become slow by a couple of seconds. My questions .... 1. Should I unstall and again install in my C Drive ? 2. What is the reason that MBAE is clashing with WScipt on my Computer ? Can someone please help me on this Anshi
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