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  1. Thanks for your help Porthos. I suppose I could have turned that on but I am not a tech person and don't know enough about these things to fiddle around with them. I have no recollection of turning this on. Anyway, it is off now and will stay off. I have attached the file you asked for but have one other question: I have 2 other files detected on 5/6/21 in quarantine and I think based on what was said elsewhere on this forum that they were false positives. I am not sure if I should also restore them too or not....the action was noted as "replaced" both times? detection log.txt
  2. Should also have noted they are quarantined in Malwarebytes (to be clear).
  3. Hi there. I have 63 files quarantined for Malware.Heuristic.1003 from 4/30/21. All were located in C:\Windows\assembly\temp . Are these files malware or not? Thank you.
  4. Okay, I chose ignore so it will stay. Thank you for your help with this. Would you happen to know if there are any plans to hide this in some way so that other scans/scanners won't pick it up anymore?
  5. Thanks for your response. I don't understand why something that Malwarebytes uses as part of their program is seen as a rootkit though, it doesn't seem right.
  6. Hello. Comodo Cleaning Essentials found this when scanning. I looked in the Malwarebytes program files and saw a couple others very similar. What is this and should I let Comodo clean it?
  7. Hi there fr33tux. Confirming that the issue is still present: I am showing Database: 2018-07-19.5 this morning and it is still picking these up. AdwCleaner[S47].txt
  8. Thanks for the nitty-gritty details on it :) I'll wait for it to be corrected, but like I said...not gonna jump on new downloads anymore. Life is too busy.
  9. Ugh, after seeing this thread, I went back and looked and sure enough.....it's detecting Spywareblaster host file blocks, right down to the shady-sounding adult stuff. I do hope this is resolved quickly. And I also think from now on that I am gonna wait on new versions until issues are worked out before I download. I feel like most new versions are coming with problems and I don't have time to deal with that.
  10. Hi there. This newest version has detected numerous PUP registry keys. The majority looked suspicious so I allowed Adwcleaner to clean them. There are two though that I know are legit, they are related to Western Digital software. I am attaching the log, please advise. Thank you. AdwCleaner[S42].txt
  11. Ugh. Well, I restored the two files from the quarantine, then ran the scan again. The log says it deleted those files. AdwCleaner[C10].txt
  12. I am watching this thread for replies because I am also having this issue, but I am on Win 7 Professional.
  13. Excellent, thanks so much.....AGAIN!
  14. Hello- Adwcleaner has consistently shown Dell Hotspot as a pup. The description from Dell: HotSpot is an application that allows you to turn your computer into a WIFI hotspot to share the Internet with your friends co-workers and devices. HotSpot utilizes your computers' built in WiFi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connections. It sounds like this isn't necessarily something I don't want on my computer, but of course it shows up every time I scan with Adwcleaner. I am concerned that I will accidentally delete it since it always comes up checked off by default. How can I stop Adwcleaner from detecting this application? AdwCleaner[S57].txt
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