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  1. Hi there fr33tux. Confirming that the issue is still present: I am showing Database: 2018-07-19.5 this morning and it is still picking these up. AdwCleaner[S47].txt
  2. Thanks for the nitty-gritty details on it :) I'll wait for it to be corrected, but like I said...not gonna jump on new downloads anymore. Life is too busy.
  3. Ugh, after seeing this thread, I went back and looked and sure enough.....it's detecting Spywareblaster host file blocks, right down to the shady-sounding adult stuff. I do hope this is resolved quickly. And I also think from now on that I am gonna wait on new versions until issues are worked out before I download. I feel like most new versions are coming with problems and I don't have time to deal with that.
  4. Hi there. This newest version has detected numerous PUP registry keys. The majority looked suspicious so I allowed Adwcleaner to clean them. There are two though that I know are legit, they are related to Western Digital software. I am attaching the log, please advise. Thank you. AdwCleaner[S42].txt
  5. Ugh. Well, I restored the two files from the quarantine, then ran the scan again. The log says it deleted those files. AdwCleaner[C10].txt
  6. I am watching this thread for replies because I am also having this issue, but I am on Win 7 Professional.
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