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  1. http: //preview[.]ibb[.]co/
  2. Zeroday exploit that also effects Mbam

    Thanks @dcollins
  3. Is Malwarebytes aware of this zeroday exploit and working on a fix of it? https://cybellum.com/doubleagentzero-day-code-injection-and-persistence-technique/
  4. YES YES it works Thank tou @dcollins Can i use defender aside by Mbam or must i set exclusions in Defender? Or would u advise only Mbam or another free antivirus? Regards
  5. I give it a try. I let you know.
  6. Can i uninstall version 2 with in control panel or must i use a cleanuptool for 2.
  7. @dCollins When i dowload Mbam i still get 3.0.6. 1469 comp. 1075. the same version with the problems. How can it be that the problem now is resolved?
  8. @dcollins indeed a x86 version with 4. Gig ram 3.25 usable.
  9. Version 3.0 Causing Issues

    I have also great problems with Mbam 3 and went back to 2. i send all the logs and now hearing nothing from the staf about a solution. This new version is not been very well tested.
  10. @dcollins Now i'm forced to deal with Mbam 2, i noticed that Mbam service uses up to 300 mb with webprotection on and around 50 mb without webprotection. Is this normal? seems high to me. regards
  11. Hey, @dcollins I have already did that on the clean install of windows 10. The result was that Mbam 3 by exporerscsan hung by heuristic analyse and only by crtl alt delete would stop and complety closed. I hope that you find the bug. I have had not alot of sleep last days. I wait for a newer release and hope that the problem is solved. Can you please answer my question from my previous post? Is the latest version and how long does it keeps workong and get the virusupdates? Thanks for youre help and effort Regards
  12. I have to give it up. I formatted my drive did a cleaninstall with a window 10 disc, and the same result. Summary on windows 7 and a clean windows 10 Mbam 3 does't detect malware in my hardwareconfiguration. I Think this is a bug and i am not the only one with this problem, i figured it out by coincidence. Mabey something wrong with the updatesever? I have now installed Mbab, Mbae and Mbam antiransom. Mbam 2 detects the malware fine. I hop that you can reconstruct the problem and come with a solution. When this is a bug, there a more users that think tey are protected but they are not. Is the latest version and how long does it work? @dcollins Thanks for now and tell me what you think. Regards
  13. Dcollins. I become insane. I have done a total refresh of windows 10 so all my programs are gone i installed Mbam and the same not regonizing the malwarekeygen. Hereby the mbamcheck and a zipfile of the keygenerator. can you confirm that Mbam this targed as malware? MB-CheckResult.txt MalwareBytes_Anti-Malware_Keygen_v1.5_URET.zip
  14. @dcollins Here are the logs. Nothing changed. Would a fresh install from windows 10 help? btw what means error 183? MB-CheckResult.txt mb-cleanresult.txt
  15. Sorry i have mbam installed again btw is this a normal scantime for a threatscan?