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  1. I disabled everything i know of, even firewall. Are there any other possible programs causing this issue?
  2. Thank you for the quick responses. I will attach the new logs + checkresults.txt. If there is anything else i need to do, or I did something wrong, please just let me know. (There were only those 2 logs in the folder, I think i may have deleted the others if you can do that in the Malwarebytes program itself.) CheckResults.txt attach.txt dds.txt protection-log-2013-11-30.txt protection-log-2013-12-01.txt
  3. Hello, I have had high spikes with mbamservice.exe recently and I have been looking around for a few days. In task manager and other similar programs it shows my CPU% used jumping from 2% to 30% every few seconds with no actions by me. (mbamservice.exe is causing the spikes). I've done a full, quick, and flash scan over the past few days and 0 items have been detected. Any help is appreciated! I have seen these asked for on other posts so here are the dds results + specs. dds.txt attach.txt
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