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  1. This was my case. I just ran "ShutUp10" and chose this setting: When my Malwarebytes daily scan ran, I got: Since I deliberately want this off, I'm ignoring the Malwarebytes warnings.
  2. Not sure. I use NetLimiter 4, and BitDefender on my PC too. NetLimiter does all the heavy IP monitoring/blocking for me so having Malwarebytes in a down state isn't really that big an issue for me at the moment.
  3. Been in IT for over 35 years and yet you "cannot use your computer" when all you have to do is disable the service. Only took me 35 seconds to disable a service. <shrugs> Quote: "...and never released junk like this." Yes you have: your post
  4. Interesting... an entity hacks malwarebytes effectively forcing millions of users to disable it, then the entity pushes out malware to the (now unprotected) machines... hmmmm
  5. So you're basically staying in the same boat as no protection. <shrugs>
  6. We used to use Sophos in our corp. environment. It's not good. Personally (and on a few servers), I use BitDefender and have been very happy so far (2 years worth)
  7. 134 ppl watching this forum.. surprised it's not more, but then again, most can't get into their crashed machines because of this.
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