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  1. Hi, i am using kitty software, which is open source for some ssh session for autologin to the terminal. But latest version of malware bytes , shows as this software having machine learning anamolous 94 percent. Ofcourse, i restore it to use. But would like to know, why this is shown as having some malware. What is meant by machine learning anamulous? what it denotes. please clarify .
  2. i downloaded a video converter and careful not to select any bundled programs. still , it has injected chromium and another program. i thought of scanning by adware cleaner. it found 19 PuPs and deleted only 18 , leaving one not deleted. it was also shown in the log of the file after reboot. Not Deleted C:\Program Files\ByteFence should i manually delete it. why it is not deleted by adware cleaner. please give me a fix, or update to kill this bytefence also. this is the first application , that is not deleted by adware cleaner
  3. Yes ur correct. How funmood crept in secured preference? When quarantine and rescan the fmood is not repeating but chrome does crash
  4. Please say simply what I have to do.link contains the description of things. I want point bypoint to resolve.
  5. Hi, I know about the funmood potentialities and very glad that mbytes just quarantine in its scan. But i did not install funmood. I just installed chrome search engine and i do not know how funmood crept in. I find in appdata chrome user data folder as secured preferences. So, anybody just installing chrome either online downloader or offline downloader is getting automatically injected with funmoods . The nasty funmoods took away about 6 hours of my work in deleting those hidden entries in registry and in pc. My point, is anybody having chrome as their browser generally , and scan with malwarebytes would face this problem. I explain it little further When i scan the pc with custom scan with malware bytes lataest version, the chrome could not open the web pages and i was totally surprised, how this could be, when i could browse freely a few minutes ago an now no access to web pages. After scan, i was given this PUP alert, which i quarantine immediately. Experts please say, how chrome install is infected with funmood. I have just ignored cnet for this purpose.
  6. Hi, I think the command line help stopped in version 2, but with the promise of resuming later. Is it available for the new version 3.
  7. Hi, Previous version has it in the user interface, the date and no of updates , as MB updates the program on a hourly basis. i sometimes find it 3 and sometimes it exceeded 9 times in one date. This information is very useful to know the quickness , at which MB is updating. So, please include a line in the update screen, the date and no of updates as in the previous version i hope you understand what i mean
  8. Hi, I am a long user of malware bytes and it is a wonderful product and glad to hear that it also now changed from mere malware remover, some more aspects are added in the new version. I would suggest, that when you include so much , like web protection, etc, there is a need to look in the gateway of internet access, where the attackers could steal your data without you ever knowing anything , as the attack is inside the gateway , ie, modem/router. Router is not a electronic gadget like any other gadget and it is being exploited by so much persons to trigger DDos, Dos attack , denial of service attacks, spamming with the users identity etc, dns hijack, dns spoofing only name a few. Malware bytes could also turn their attention to the router security, which is essential for secured browsing. Hope that some staff member would see this and escalate the matter to the technical team to start looking in routers. Possible clue of the attacks on ports could be seen from shields up, router security F secure, and so many articles. Even ransomware attack atleast says that your computer is compromized but those router attack will not show anything , but stealing and compromizing computers. Indications are redirection to suspicious websites, asking you to update adobe flashplayer when it is already updated, popup of clicks that are not related to genuine sites, and most of all, watching the internet activity of the computer in remote areas . if anything is done on that , or already done in this regard , please let me know. thanks
  9. Hello, Ipw, are you asking me to send the zip file or the OP. I think, if it is OP, then he has already sent that in the first letter itself. Is it any other different file location. I do not know. But i could open that zip file and see the logs.
  10. Hi, Just reboot and if the problem is not solved, would request you to go to the settings and disable the auto update feature. Then reboot or restart the exe. The problem may go. Are you using free or pro version? please try. if this solves the problem, just open malware bytes and then in the right side of the opening window, click current shown in blue colour or at the top , check update icon shown as four icons, 3rd from left, 2nd from right.
  11. Hi, Thanks Jimy, I tried . It shows current, so l tried, but it updated some thing, as i could see the progress bar. current means as if updated. Thanks update button is current, if there is any update , you have to click to update, even it shows current. Malwarebytes team could also show the version there as in the previous version. Now, one has to get the information in ABOUT tab. Previously, i was watching , the no of updates numbers like -1,-2 etc in the dashboard in the update menu
  12. Hi, MJL how to update now. Previously i just click update button in the dashboard. But i do not find. Pl tell where it is . I make it a point to apply one update per day before i close the session
  13. Hi, Advanced, i was not affected by any ransomware. So, your solution is for the persons who are affected by RSvirus. The detailed reply , made me to try to adopt your idea and i found the entry , that i have given in the query. Nice bit of deep . i had doubt about my certificates , and hence queried.
  14. Hi, MJL Thanks . You pinpoint to the exact reason. I did not know that it was a result of previous scan results. When i open afresh, i did see the three scan options.
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