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  1. That Agomo key does exist now, but it's not detected, so the previous one was bad but the new one is OK.
  2. Scanned again and now it's not detected, so cleanup was good. Seems to be picked up during memory scan. Well done MB3. Thanks Ms Moes.
  3. I did have CCleaner 5.33 installed, but x64 version so I do not believe I was compromised. These keys seem to be due to CCleaner Cloud. I presume I did have the compromised version of that, but it has been auto-updated to clean version. If I quarantine these keys, after a restart I have to login to CCleaner Cloud account again and looks like keys are recreated. I will run scan again to see if it gets picked up again.
  4. Actually it may have been a temporary problem. Seems to be working now, but very slow!
  5. Updated two machines to using Ninite updater. Everything is working but when I try and access 'My Account' I get this pop-up on both machines: Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help. I have previously had a similar problem (below) but now I am getting this on both machines, different software. Is the license server down, or is there a simple solution.
  6. I have Windows x64 and (now) CCleaner 5.34 - and up-to-date CCleaner Cloud(!) - and do not have the HKLM/SOFTWARE/Piriform/Agomo key. But MB3 scan now picks up the following threats: Registry Key: 1 Trojan.Floxif.Trace, HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\PIRIFORM\AGOMO Registry Value: 1 Trojan.Floxif.Trace, HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\PIRIFORM\AGOMO|TCID But these appear to be related to CCleaner Cloud (previously Agomo) account, because after quarantining these, I had to re-sign in to my account, so I suspect these may be FPs. MB3.txt
  7. I had to remove the certificate added by RansomOff and now all is back to normal. It 'remembered' my license but I did lose my settings because it reverted to 'free' mode. Here were my instructions from RO, in case it helps anyone else: Anyway, here are the steps that should get MB3 back running. First please shutdown MB3. Then we need to remove the certificate that RO installed. To that to you need to open the certificate snap-in. First open a Run dialog (Windows Key + R) and type mmc.exe. It will need to run with admin privileges. When that opens click File and then Add/Remove S
  8. More info from the RansomOff devs: Well not only MB3 but any other program that uses SSL with a DigiCert certificate may also be impacted. Haven't run into any others yet but they are probably out there. After digging deeper, it's not even a RO and MB3 thing really. RansomOff adds certificates to the Windows certificate store which generally isn't a big deal. MB3 uses some third-party SSL library which relies on internal Windows functions to perform the secure network communications so the SSL piece is outside of MB3's control essentially. That's all pretty standard as well. So it's
  9. No need to investigate further. I have discovered the reason for this problem. I have another program installed called RansomOff (yes, MB3 ransomware protection was off, in fact only exploit protection was enabled). From the devs of RansomOff: We figured out it was a conflict with the certificates that RansomOff adds during installation and the certificate chain MB uses in it's SSL communications. We both use DigiCert for our cert CA but for some reason, they are conflicting. We will work on fix for you to get MB3 working again and add this fix to our upcoming release.
  10. Log files attached.I would add that with respect to 'Check your network settings', I have no issues with this in any other respect - only wrt contacting the MB license server. mbamservice.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  11. And I have now been reverted to the free edition. Have I lost all my seetings i.e. anti-exploit custom ssettings?
  12. Hi I have a lifetime license but after updating to beta, I keep getting the following: 'Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help'. and 'SSL validation error There was a problem validating SSL certificates. Please launch IE once and try the operation again'. I tried a clean install. Same problem. Also reverting to Same problem. Do i need to send you logs as per:
  13. I can confirm after an uninstall, reboot, mb-clean, reboot, install I can again toggle self-protection. I think this bug was introduced with CU3. All other settings were unaffected. I could toggle them.
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