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False Positive, as far as I know


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I'll try not to leave anything out, because I am not sure what info is needed. I am not super new to protecting my PC, but I am fairly new to the IP blocks that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware places on my computer.

Yesterday I registered a domain name. It is meant to redirect to a my referral link on a Get-Paid-To website. I don't want to have this thought of as advertising, but I figured including the domain would be helpful. It is http://justearnnow.com and it should bring you to a website called CashCrate.

Obviously since I just registered the domain to me and it is strictly used for URL forwarding, I know it is safe. If needed, I registered the domain with NameCheap.

Now I own 2 PCs and a Laptop. My main computer is where I registered the domain and it is the only one of the 3 that doesn't load the website. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox. The IP block I get is reported as avastsvc.exe or Avast! I have read on here that it is simply because Avast! picks up my incoming and outgoing files and what not to check for viruses. This I understand, I also assume that since my other computers do not have MalwareBytes running in the background, they don't pick it up.

The info you probably need:




I saw that the IP is to "Black Lotus Communications" and I am not sure what it is. Maybe it could help if I tell you I have Cox Communications as my cable/internet provider.


I assume it would be safe for me to allow my website, but I thought I would ask first if Black Lotus is anything known and stuff like that. If it is all safe, could you please tell me how to allow my site to load?

I don't want to disable MalwareBytes as a whole, just allow the one site.

Thank you

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My apologies for the delay.

The IP is blocked due to malicious content, quite a bit on the IP you've referenced. If you must keep the site there, you're free to add the IP to the ignore list (will prevent having to disable the IP protection completely). To do this, right click the MBAM tray when the block occurs, and select "Add to ignore list".

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