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I had a customer inform me that our ecommerce site buckadaypharmacy.com was being flagged by your software

We are a pharmacychecker.com approved member and as far as I know, our server is locked down as solid as possible. Any information you can provide will be most appreciated

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Fake meds aside, the IP isn't blocked due to your site but due to malicious content found on this range (things were cleaning up over there, then slowed down and are now slowly getting better).

Whilst I'm looking into this range, and I am already confident I know the answer - why did you move from Ireland based, ??

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We do not engage in "fake meds", but I can understand the immediate reaction.

Verify us with pharmacychecker.com - they are a third-party verification body that ensures pharmacies in their membership follow specific standards. We are also an ISO-certified pharmacy, you can view our ISO certificate here: http://www.buckadaypharmacy.com/resources/iso.

We moved because last week, the entire Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Ireland) was down for almost 5 days with connectivity issues - we moved after we were down for over 24 hours. Hope that clears things up for you.


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pharmacychecker.com doesn't "verify" legit pharmacies (see half those listed on their site), but that's an entirely seperate issue that I can't go into at present.

I also suspect your ISO is fake, but that's another matter (UK accredited? Really? I know a few authorities that will disagree with that). I also happen to know that LegitScript says you're a rogue pharmacy too;


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LegitScript does not recognize pharmacies outside of the US, hence their rating. In fact, I would bet there is not 1 non-US pharmacy that does not have a positive rating with LS. The truth is that we sell to almost every country in the world, not just the US. The US is only a percentage of our global customer base. The ISO is 100% real - do you think ISO only resides in the US? ISO standards are "International" Standards - by all means, verify it with your authority friends, I will not be offended. If someone is ordering from the US, we require a prescription 100% of the time. Do you really think we would go through the long, tedious process of requiring/verifying prescriptions of patients if we are selling fakes? I think you are lumping all online pharmacies into 1 group without truly understanding the industry. And regarding PharmacyChecker - which half of the listed sites in the membership are fakes?

- But I digress, are there any issues pertaining to malware/spyware/etc that are preventing our IP to be blacklisted by your software?

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Still phishing present on the range, but other than your site there's no malware at present, so I'll get an exception made.

Please note however, this is NOT an approval or condonation of your site and its activities. Your sites details have been passed to the appropriate authorities.

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