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Hi folks!

I have 2 related questions about the Malwarebytes Icon in the notification area.

After successfully updating to the new 1800 version, I've noticed that I still have the icon on one PC but no longer on 2 others in my small home network.

[1] Is this related to the "Pro" version vs. the "regular" version? (I have W764, Vista, and XP Pro SP3 all malware free) :)

[2] Are there any plans to change the color of the icon? This might sound like a silly question at first, but seeing anything RED down there by the clock sends me into a temporary panic attack. <g>

(I've been meaning to ask this for a long time, so this seemed like a good opportunity.)

Thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to MBAM, Neilyum:

Question 1: I think I understand your question, but I'm not sure I have enough info to fully answer it.... ;)

You will only have a system tray icon for MBAM on a computer that is running the PRO version with real-time protection.

Consumer licenses are "lifetime" but are only for 1 license to be used on 1 computer.

So, you need a separate license for each computer. There is a discount for multiple licenses, though.

If you have 3 licenses for PRO (one for each computer), and you updated to the current version on each one, then they should all be registered. If that's the case, and you don't see the system tray icon, please check the MBAM settings to be sure you have active, real-time protection enabled.

Question 2; I'm afraid I'm just a home user, so I'll need to defer to one of the kind and expert MBAM folks to answer that one. ;)

Hope this helps a bit,


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Hi Daledoc1!

You were right on the money with your answer to #1!

My W764 has the Pro version, and that's the one with the icon showing.

The other 2 don't have licenses, just the 'standard' version - hence no icons.

That's *exactly* what I was hoping to hear, so thanks! :)

Getting back to #2, no worries... I'm sure that someone else will know the answer. (if there even is one! :lol: )

Thanks! :D

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I'm not affiliated with MBAM in any way -- I am just a home user, like you.

Having said that, I would definitely suggest upgrading to the PRO version for your other systems, especially since the cost of the licenses would be discounted.

While MBAM Free is super at on-demand scans and cleaning, the PRO version, as you know, offers many other real-time protection features that will help to keep the nasties off your systems in the first place. :)

It is always better and easier to prevent computer infections than to try to remove them, especially given today's countless malware threats.

Anyway, I am glad I could help.

We will see what the MBAM staff folks have to say about the system tray icon color.

Best regards,


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I agree and have considered multiple licenses, but my wife's PC has MSE running (Microsoft Security Essentials, I think?) and the laptop has WinPatrol and/or something else - all running real-time scanners of some kind. I want to avoid any clashes or crashes. :lol:

Thanks for the great suggestion though, it still could happen!

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MBAM is not an anti-virus and is not a substitute for one -- in fact, it is specifically designed to run in real-time alongside a standard AV, to provide layered protection against various types of malware often missed/not covered by the standard AV.

So, for your computer, even though you are running MBAM PRO, I certainly hope that you have a standard AV (and software firewall) installed, such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), AVG, Avast, Avira, Panda, etc?

If not, then you definitely need to do that -- there are many good free and paid products out there which run fine with MBAM.

As for your other systems, MSE works great for many folks alongside MBAM PRO. If you would like help with setting up the reciprocal permissions/exclusions to improve performance, please let us know.

WinPatrol is NOT an anti-virus - while it is a good utility (I use it on one of my rigs with both Webroot AV and MBAM PRO) for protecting against certain types of system changes and such, it is not a substitute for an AV, either. So, you would really want to install an AV on that box, too.

If you would like input and advice about selecting and installing free or paid AV programs on computers running MBAM, I would probably start a new topic with a new title, so that it will get better, specific attention.

I'm sure you'll find many of the members and staff here will have good recs re: a good AV for your computers.

Hope this helps a bit,


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Hi daledoc1!

Lots of great advice, thanks a bunch!

Yes, sorry if I wasn't clear on that - I have anti-virus running on all 3 machines: Avira on W764, Norton Suite on laptop, and McAfee suite on wife's Vista PC. (All running 24/7) Besides the above, I have SpywareBlaster, WinPatrol, and SuperAntiSpyware on them as well. That's why I didn't want to go overboard with Malwarebytes as another *resident* scanner, as occasional manual scans have worked perfectly so far.

Thanks again for all the good suggestions, and the beauty of it is - other people can benefit from this thread as well! :D

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Ah, thanks for the clarification.

I feel better now. :)

You had me spooked for a minute -- we do see folks here from time to time who mistakenly think that MBAM alone provides complete computer protection. ;)

It's awesome, but it needs an AV partner.

Sounds like you are well armed.

Best regards,


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Yup, I'm with ya!

I definitely prefer a 'layered' approach as far as protection. If one company made one program/application that did everything 100%, millions of people would be out of work. <g> I like having the best of each, all working in harmony. (Geez, sounds corny I know!) :)

Thanks again!

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