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Okay, So... I've been using a LOT of security methods regarding my PC. I currently have these Anti-Virus/Spyware applications installed:

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus (The Complete Protection Version)

2. MBAM (The Pro 15 Day Trial Version)

3. Super Anti-Spyware (Also 15 Day Pro Trial Version)

4. Spybot Search and Destroy (Shareware)

5. Also I have a Rootkit Searcher (I don't remember what it's called...)

I also use Firefox with these Addons:

1. Adware Block Plus

2. Browser Protect

3. BitDefender QuickScan

4. Ghostery (One of my favorites)

5. Link Extend

6. Redirect Remover

7. Web of Trust (My Personal Favorite)

Having said that, I do A LOT of downloading. (I do scan anything with at least 1 Anti-Virus and 1 Anti-Spyware before Opening/Unzipping/Executing.) What I guess I'm getting at is: Yes. I am a big PC security freak, and want to know if I can do anything else to protect my computer, since it seems every time I download a new anti-spyware (Only the one's listed above) and then scan my computer I find at least one new threat, the least of the problem just being a tracking cookie...

So I ask you: What am I doing wrong: Which by the way, leads me to my next reason I posted this: I'm not sure if this is a glitch or what, but when I type something like 'traffic' into google search I get a message saying it blocked a favicon.ico and labels.rdf trying to access something... Now, if I remember correctly, traffic has to do with the amount of visitors on a page, right? Right. However, I wanted to know something about a site I thought was taken down called traffic converter. I was out of curiosity just seeing how bad a rating my URL adviser gave this site (I did not click on it either.) Yet after just typing a simple word in, hell takes place without my knowing about it. Now, before you either stop reading my RIDICULOUSLY long story, the reason I'm so freaked is because on my old Net book, I was hacked. I also noticed that my webcam light was turned on without my permission. (I know about the bots like Raptor and Beast, since I Google threats for my own knowledge) Come to find out, someone was either recording me from my webcam or just plain watching me. I may not be at the level probably any of the admin here are at when it comes to removing Badware, but i will be one day, and ANOTHER reason I visited here is because I would like you're advice on PC Security and how to become better at what I do. That's all. Thanks for reading this, and if somehow I posted this in the wrong place please forgive me.



P.S: Please forgive the fact that I'm all over the place...

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