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As if we didn't have enough to worry about


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I believe there are special wallets that can make that technology useless, at least last I read about a year ago. (It is also mentioned in the video).

I try not to carry cards on me unless I need to use them that day or think I might need to use them.

Almost done watching the video (and I have passed along the link). That symbol at the end... I think that they should just stop making cards that are scan-able with the RFID technology. Convenient, yeah, worth the saved 5-10 seconds vs swiping through a standard reader? No.

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Hey Wayne; now we have TWO products to market; your laptop "lap" cooler and MY faraday screen for wallets..

One simply orders the type of product shown below and cuts out a piece a little larger in shape and size of a dollar bill; insert in wallet sleeve nearest outside of wallet leather/vinyl case. Voila; no credit card RFID chip scanning..


Gimmee 5 - staying alive! :(



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