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MP3Tag & TagScanner Possible TROJANS


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Hi folks,

I have come to Trust the feedback from the folks & Experts here on various Security and possible Malware situations. I have a delimma with the following 2 MP3Tag Freeware softwares ...

MP3TAG 2.44h

I have scanned the .exe of this program thru "VirusTotal" and came back totally "Clean". But when I tried to install it, according to "Comodo Firewall" ... MP3TAG installer tries to TAKE CONTROL of my SuperAntiSpyware, Camera Assistant Software, My Bluetooth, My Modem, My Firewall, ... on & on! See this post that I made on the MP3TAG Forums ... MP3Tag Forums Post

Q1: If Comodo is ALERTING me to these functions ... should I worry about it or should I just IGNORE Comodo Firewall?

TagSanner 5.1.553

I scanned TagScanner5.1.553.EXE file via VirusTotal and it came back Totally "Clean". So, I went ahead and installed the program on my laptop, but DID NOT run it yet ... so I then went to the TagSanner folder under Program Files (x86) and ran the "TagScan.exe" thru VirusTotal and it came back Clean. BUT, when I ran the "OptimFROG.dll" and "bass.dll" and other "xxx.dll" files through VirusTotal ... each returned with 2 Suspicious Files ... the e-Safe and McAfee caught those ... but the other 39 Scanners like Kapresky and others that are in VirusTotal arsenal ... did not have any alarm and it came back clean.

Q2: So, should I IGNORE the 2 Alerts that I got for the .dll files? Are these False Positives?

Any input or guidance would really be appreciated ... since I really need a MP3TAG tool to deal with my MP3's.


G! ;)

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