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  1. Hi David, Thanks for taking the time to answer my Q's and straightening me out on "Exploits" ... David, since you are pretty savvy on these things ... 2 more Q's if you would please Q1: If you had to choose a Format or two that has a "LESS" of a Chance for Exploits from these which one would go for ... Text, RTF, MOBI, ePub, PDF ...? Q2: Let's say a PDF does have an "Exploit" in it, if I use Calibre and convert it to ePub or RTF or Text ... another format other than PDF ... will Exploit be Removed from the New File? Thanks for Your Help & Time! G!
  2. Hi folks, After searching the Forum since I did not find anything close to my Q ... and since I was not sure where to post this Q ... I posted it here ... I came across an Article on MBAM Blog which kind of shocked me ... I thought PDF files were "Safe" well, I now know I was Wrong. http://blog.malwarebytes.org/intelligence/2013/08/the-malware-archives-pdf-files/ So, here are my Questions ... Q1: If I run a PDF file thru VirusTotal site and it comes out Clean ... should I assume it does NOT have Malicious Software embedded in it? Q2: If I get a PDF file that might have Malicious Commands in it ... if I convert it via Calibre to another Format ... say a Text or an RTF or ePub or MOBI ... would these New Converted Formats be "Free" of the Original Malware? Or would Opening the PDF into Calibre program infected my laptop already? Q3: Can "Malware" be inserted into an ePub or MOBI file? Same as a PDF file? Or are these Formats Safer? Thanks, G!
  3. You know I posted something like this problem on the forum ... and I was told that if there was such a Problem with the definitions or the MBAM process then Thousands of people would be affected. Well, after 2 or 3 restarts and Windows Vista asking me to Fix or resort back to prior "Restore Point" ... I accidnetly pin-pointed to MBAM ... so, I totally unuinstalled it ... and since then NO Problems with my restarts. Q1: If I just untick Quarantine thingy then would MBAM behave correctly? Q2: Is the Latest "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Final" OK to install? Q3: Is the latest Definitoin Update OK? Thanks, G!
  4. Hi Advanced Setup (Admin), I thought KI was running only one Antivirus, and that was AVIRA ... and Comodo only as FW. Q1: Is Comodo HIPS considered to be a form of Antivirus!?!? Q2: When you say have one of the Experts Assist you ... you mean I should Post under "Malware Removal Forum" Threads? Thanks, G!
  5. Hi Firefox, I rebooted and went into Safe Mode with Internet Option ... and ran the DDS.SCR ... this time the DOS winodow Opened and Stayed open and ran the 2 Reports. I should tell you though, when I was trying to run it in Normal PC mode ... DDS.com was saying is running in Silent Mode but even after 10 minutes there were No Reports. Anyway, here are the 2 Text Files ... DDS.txt and Attach.txt as you asked for. Thanks! G! dds.txt attach.txt
  6. Hi Firefox, I disabled Avira, disabled and closed Comodo FW, Closed WinPatrol, Disabled my Scripts in FireFox Browser, Checked Windows Security to make sure nothing is Running ... only UAC and Internet Secuity Settings were Green. I tried running dds.scr and dds.com ... neither one Created any logs ... I waited more than 5 minutes or so ... rebooted and tried again ... same problem NO reports. Advise please! Thanks! G!
  7. Hi MBAM Team, Man I didn't think this can happen to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) ... but since Sept 19, 2013 every time I update MBAM Definition and Turn Off my Gateway M-6862 laptop with Vista Home Prem. X64, SP2 ... and restart it ... the laptop goes into Safe Mode Start-up and ask to be Fixed ... so, I let it run thru Restore ... and after it picks the Restore back on 09/19/13 then it starts A-OK. And as you everything past 09/19/13 that was Downloaded goes Bye Bye. Well, I got tired of messing with MBAM ... so, I Completely Unistalled it using Revo-Uninstaller 1.95 Free ... the most Aggressive Method and even Deleted all the Registry points that it found. After that uninstall my laptop starts-up perfectly ... no Safe Start or Fix Command from the PC. Q1: The reason I am posting this ... so, may be MBAM team can tell me/us ... what is going on with the INFECTED MBAM Definition Updates!?!? Q2: Will there be a Fix to it? Thanks, G!
  8. Hi folks, I wonder if someone can shed some light on the following ... I used to be able to run AVIRA Free right along with Windows Defender just fine until Avira came up with this New Version Now when I run Avira Scans ... at the end of the Scan it tells me that I must Reboot and after the reboot the scan starts sutomatically again ... it never Registers or remembers a complete scan cycle ... and is not indicated on the Overview page. So, I have disabled the Windows Defender. When looking at the Windows Defender Definitions Update page, it shows that Microsoft is catching whole new Virus and Malwares on a daily basis ... and Windows Defender definition database really is "up-to-date". So ... Q1: Is Microsoft Safety Scanner Definitons list same as Microsoft Windows Defender list? The reason I am asking this is because once you disable the Defender ... you can't use the On-Demand Scans with it. Q2: Does anyone know where I can find the Microsoft Safety Scanner Definitons LOG/Changes? Thanks, G!
  9. Hi i4004, Thanks for the heads up ... actually my laptop is not on the same network ... i am in a funny situation ... nonetheless ... i am back up and running now. And 10 days, i suppose it is not a big deal ... i guess you are right ... just sharing info ... G!
  10. Hi folks, Unfortunately I have lost my Internet Access for awhile and wanted to update MBAM on my laptop ... I did go to GT500 download site and the darn Definitions Rule are 10 days OLD ... Q: Can MBAM have a Reliable Offline Download place that is Regularly Updated!?!? Thanks, G!
  11. Hi folks, This is NOT my day ... I just decided to download and install the "Xilisoft Media Toolkit Ultimate" TRIAL version ... installation went OK ... however I did NOT even try it ... because I thought I would have one Program with different keys to activiate different functions ... whereas this software just installed the 4 or 5 different Individual Applications on my laptop ... so right off the back it pissed me off ... so it is not for me ... not an Honest explanation of their software ... So, I decided I don't even want to try it out ... so I just went to the Control Center > Add/Remove Panel and TRIED to unistall the darn Xilisoft Programs and it will NOT let me uninstall them ... the program keeps taking me back to the Internet and tells me to try the Three Trial Play to get it for FREE. I keep getting into a LOOP ... being redirected to the Internet ... I think it might have added some Silent Keys or what not ... Q1: How can I uninstall these darn Xilisoft Programs from my laptop? FYI: I am running Vista Home Premium, SP2, 64-Bit? Q2: Is there some software like CCleaner or something Better that is "Dummy-Proof" to unistall all these Junk? Or is CCleaner the one that I can and should use? EDIT: I was looking around since my initial post and came across Revo Unistaller ... The Freeware 1.85 version did the trick ... Wow ... what a tool! THANKS! G!
  12. Hi AdvanceSetup, Thanks! Q1: Getting targeted with FP ... are you talking about SUPER or FairUse? Q2: I assume SUPER is clean ... right!?!? No Adware or anything Funny! Q3: Will it work with Vista Home Premium SP-2 64-Bit!?!? Thanks again! G!
  13. Hi folks, I just loaded up the "FairUse Wizard LE (Light Edition) Freeware" onto Virustotal (VT) and the link below is to the Result of that ... it shows 2 Adwares and 1 Trojan from some Softwares that I am Not sure how reliable their scan is ... The funny thing is AVIRA on VirusTotal did NOT detect anything ... yet when I was trying to download different Freeware version of this software my Avira was blocking the download from a "Trusted" Video website ... VirusTotal Scan Result for FairUse Wizard LE Free Version Q1: With 3 hits ... should I trust VT and delete the file and NOT install it on my laptop? Q2: Why Avira did NOT catch anything in VT ... yet my resident Freeware Avira keep blocking the download? Q3: Why Kaspresky or other Guru software did NOT catch anything in VT? Q4: Are these False Positives!?!? Q5: Does anyone know of a Freeware version of a Software that can convert an .ISO or a Video Folder to AVI? Thanks, G!
  14. Hi Sho-Dan, THANKS! Wow ... I could NOT keep up with the Penguin ... to o fast for my lil old eyes ... even with the glasses ... Super Funny! MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! G!
  15. Hi Nascards, Well what was it ... how about Sharing your Solution for the next person ... save them the time of Googling! Thanks! G!
  16. Hi Exile360, THANKS! I had been away for awhile ... I just saw your response! G!
  17. Hi folks, OK ... so I did turn OFF Windows Firewall and I have Comodo Firewall with Defense+ running by itself. After reading Catscomputer & Exile360 ... now if I want to turn "Windows Defender" back on since if I am understanding you two correctly ... it will give me additional protection as an Anti-Spyware ... WHAT setting do you I put on ... since I had already gone and unchecked everything under the "Tools" section of WD ... and it does NOT have a simple button to Reset it back to default. BTW ... when looking under Tools ... the "Use Real-time Protection" it's criteria ... it seems very similar to what WinPatrol does!!! Q1: Is that a correct observation!?!? Q2: What is the Correct setup for WD!?!? I guess I have to Tick the "Use Real-time Protection" ... but under Advanced Options has 3 options ... do I pick all 3 ... does someone has a Picture Snapshot of the Correct Settings or can you refer me to a page that has that info!?!? THANKS, G!
  18. Hi Exile, Thank You so much for your reply. Exile, The reason I turned the Windows Defender OFF was simply because what you guys been saying ... "not to run 2 Antivirus programs" ... when you open Windows Defender "Tools" ... under settings you will see it does Heuristic Scans ... doesn't that mean Anti-spyware and Anti-virus stuff!?!? Exile, I much more prefer the Comodo Firewall with Defense+ ... because I can see what it blocks and it gives me the option of what to do ... so I am going to keep that and Turn Off the Windows Firewall. Q1: But just out of "curiosity" ... how come so far Comodo Firewall has NOT complained about having Windows Firewall running!?!? Q2: What is a good test to see if the Windows Firewall is casuing any problem to Comodo Firewall Pro? BTW, I just ran the ShieldsUp tests on GRC.com and I got Green across the board with the Windows Defender and Firewall both on!!! Wouldn't ShieldsUp test find the 2 Firewalls a conflict and give me a low score!?!? Exile ... you are probably pulling your hair out by now ... and saying I wish G would just do it and quit bothering me with the dumb Q's. Appreciate Your continued Help and Expert Tutoring! G!
  19. Hi Exile360, Today I got a message from Microsoft Windows Security Center (WSC) that my AVIRA is OFF ... butI checked it and sure eanough was on ... I had this false reports few times long time ago ... so I got thinking ... I looked and saw WSC sees Avira & Comodo FP & Windows Defender as my Real-time protection ... So here is what I did ... I went to Windows Defender Tools section and Turned OFF the Defenders Real-Time scanning and everything else in it with the Exception of Defender making a "Restore Point" in case of a deletion (now that I am thinking I might even turn this off ... since Avira always tells you to Turn it Off when deleting a Virus) .... So, now I will ONLY be using Windows Defender as an Extra On-Demand Scanner since their Database definition looks impressive to me (with my extremely low knowledge). I have left Windows Firewall ON ... since I was reading in some other Forums & Tech Sites that Windows Firewall controls more tha just Firewall and deals with some kind of Service also ... and should be left ON. Since Comodo Firewall Pro 3.13 with Defense + still is playing nice with Windows Firewall ... I am leaving it as is for now. Thanks for everything ... you guys are the BEST! G!
  20. Hi Exile360, THANKS a bunch for your reply. I will disable the Windows Firewall. I guess you are OK with the Windows Defender being left alone and ON ... When I install the Comodo Firewall the Normal installation (Default) is installing it without the Defense + (HIPS thingy) ... so I guess I could disable the Defense + ... but I kind of have gotten used to it ... because NOTHING can get thru installation without Comodo Alerting me to it ... whether if I initiate it or by a Malware. Thanks again! G!
  21. Hi Noknojon, Exile360, THANKS for additional info ... @ Exile360 ... after you guys above post, now I am a bit unsure of what to do ... here is what I have and could you tell me in Your Expert Opinion ... if I like these AV tools for x64 ... which one I should TURN OFF and which ones keep running ... I am running these and I manually Update them Daily! - Avira Personal Free version 9 - Comodo Firewall 3.13 version (latest) with Defense + activated - I have Windows Defender ON currently and Definitions manually downloaded and installed for X32 and X64. - I have Windows Firewall ON - SuperAntiSpyware 4.31.1000 Free (I guess this is an On-Demand) - MBAM 1.42 (I guess this is an On-Demand) - SpywareBlaster 4.2 - WinPatrol Explorer 17.0.2010.0 Free - MSFT Malicious SW Removal Tool 3.1 (I guess this is an On-Demand) I run it once a month when it is updated in QuickScan mode since Full Scan takes HOURS... So Could you please tell me WHICH ones to TURN-OFF. Thanks for all of you folks Help! G!
  22. Hi Prairie Dog, Thanks for your reply. I am going to take your advice and keep the Windows Defender ... since it seems it is NOT acting as a "Real Time Scanner" ... but I can use it as On-Demand Scanner. Have you looked at their Database definition and see the kind of Stuff (Malware) they are identifying and catching ... really bad stuff. As far as the Firewall ... I will do what you suggested ... and turn off the Windows Firewall ... but here is the Funny thing I suppose I have both of them on by mistake and nothing major has happened ... will try turning off Windows Firewall. I suppose that Comodo is much better anyway! Thanks again! G!
  23. Hi RubbeR Ducky & MBAM Team, Wow ... 64-Bit Context Menu ADDED ... now I can do On-Demand scan of any files or folder with MBAM. THANKS, G!
  24. Hi folks, How do you check for the "Drivers" ... and which Drivers do you check for!?!? Do you just go down your Device Manager and one by one check for Driver Updates!?!? BTW, I keep getting alerts on my Gateway laptop that I need to update my ATI Graphics Card and CXT-Network ... but every time in the past that I have tried to install the ATI Graphics update ... it SCREWS UP my monitor and I have to revert back with System Restore ... so! Thanks, G!
  25. Hi folks, I did a search on the Forum on my topic and I did not get any hits ... so here is my situation ... FYI, on my laptop that has Vista Home Prem., SP1, 64-Bit (SP1 but have installed ALL the updates) ... I am currently running Avira (Free) + Comodo Firewall as my active AV programs. Here is what I stumbled upon by accident ... I noticed that my Windows Defender was Turned-Off ... while I tried to turn the Windows Defender on ... I also noticed that Windows Firewall was ON in addition to my Comodo Firewall ... So, now I have couple of questions ... Q1: With Avira running should I have Windows Defender "ON" also!?!? Would Defender conflict with Avira!?!? Q2: With Comodo Firewall running ... should I leave the Windows Firewall "ON" also!?!? Would Windows Firewall conflict with Comodo!?!? Thanks, G!
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