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Critical errors, malware of some kind, help please?

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Hello, I apologize for any stupidity that may follow:

My computer has recently become infected with malware, I keep getting system warnings for critical errors and I get a pop up in my tray at the bottom of my screen, the toolbar with the start menu on it, that tells me I have a critical error. It won't go away. I read the prepost sticky, but I'm confused and wary about downloading all those unknown programs. I tried system restore, but I think the malware is messing with that, I can't restore earlier than the day I try the sytem restore and the day before that. Please help me, I'm very confused :angry:

EDIT: I should mention: I have used rogue remover, it can not find anything.

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Hi there Quantumfox, and welcome to Malwarebytes.

If you haven't already, please get these programs, update and run a complete scan removing all items found.

Spybot Search & Destroy Be sure to use the immunize feature. But do not enable TeaTimer at this time. Use the tutorial feature in the help tab to see how to go about this.

AVG AntiSpyware Be sure to "take action"

Then go here and run a scan PandaActive Scan There is a full tutorial on how to to this at the top of this forum.

Post the logs from the Panda and AVG scans please, along with a log from this program HiJack This!

You will post three logs. 1. AVG scan. 2. Panda Active Scan. 3. HiJack This scan. You will finish the AVG first so go ahead and post that log, then move on to Panda and so forth.

I will analyze the logs and give you further instructions. Be patient and persistent. These things can take time and many procedures.

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