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Persistent "Connection lost" notification


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There is a persistent "Internet connection lost" from Privacy. It shouldn't be there, since everything else says I'm still connected to the MB VPN. It'll go away for a while after a full power cycle (not soft reset) but returns after the first instance of screenlocking. 

At this point it's only an annoyance, everything else works fine otherwise

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@gman68w Thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you are experiencing connection issues.

I'd like to get more information from you. Do you have the "Always-On" setting enabled? You can find this located in the Settings of the Privacy app on our latest 1.6 version (if you haven't updated yet to this version, please do). You can also enable this setting through your device settings. Here are the instructions on how to do it from our app and from your device settings -



If trying the "Always-On" VPN setting does not resolve the loss of connectivity, I will need diagnostic logs to review from your device. Here is our KB on how to do that (please note that you must reproduce the issue after enabling diagnostic mode or the logs will not contain the information I need) - https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500012795722-Collect-diagnostic-data-in-Malwarebytes-Privacy-for-Android-devices

Since you do not have a Support ticket open, please feel free to message me directly here on the forums with your logs. Thank you!

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