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  1. I'm getting it too. It's all in a MBAM folder marked "Mwacdetections", example "file: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\MwacDetections\ccfc71f8-8002-11e8-bc7a-2c56dc39432a.json". Everything with a .json extension in this folder is being flagged by Windows Defender.
  2. I have update xx.3803, everything's fine now.
  3. The same here. MBAM crashed my PC because it sucked up all available RAM. And it's slowly doing it again and again every time I restart.
  4. That's kind of better? The backgrounds to each post are still plain white. Is that Ghostery or Chrome or something blocking that?
  5. That doesn't make any sense. "You need to post 100 times before you get to switch on the thing that doesn't damage your eyes". That's like making kids at McDonald's work for 72 hours before letting them wear safety gloves for working the deep fryer.
  6. Yeah, ran the manual check for app updates already, like I said. Systray hidden window is gone.
  7. What are you talking about? {EDIT} Nvm, apparently "Automatically download application updates" doesn't mean "Automatically download application updates". Neither does "Notify me when something new is available" mean what it says.
  8. I'm surprised there's not an option for it by default. But the plain white theme is actually physically painful to look at.
  9. Any official answers at all? Even for a paid version user?
  10. It takes an awfully long time between clicking "Open Malwarebytes" on the systray icon and the window actually showing up. Once it's open, I can close and reopen again with the usual, reasonably expected speed and responsiveness. Is the full program not open at system start? What's the point of the additional, hidden "MBAM Tray Application" window if nothing's actually preloaded?
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